Personal and Family Papers

The History Nebraska Archives holds the papers of numerous Nebraska families and individuals. These collections often include correspondence, diaries, reminiscences, scrapbooks, and ephemeral items that shed light on the human side of life in Nebraska. Our collections include papers from both the famous and the common people, from all over the state, and from many walks of life. For more information about any of the collections listed below, please contact our Reference Services department.




Abbot, John H., 1856?- [RG5403]

Abbott Family [RG2916]

Abbott, Amos, 1812-1889 [RG3499]

Abbott, Charles N., 1847- [RG3501]

Abbott, Christopher Joseph, 1889-1954 [RG3915]

Abbott, Donald Hickson, 1912-1936 [RG5747]

Abbott, Luther Jewett, 1831-1900 [RG2642]

Abbott, Ned Culbertson, 1874-1960 [RG2626]

Abernethy, Harry Collins, 1874-1934 [RG5342]

Abraham and Ourada Families [RG5819]

Achenbach-Conlee-Reed Families [RG5628]

Adams-Douglass-Vanderzee-McWilliams Families [RG5440]

Adams, Merlan Eugene, 1882-1966 [RG2926]

Adamson Family [RG3529]

Adriance, Jacob, 1835-1922 [RG3801]

Ahlin, Joe (Joseph), 1914-1982 [RG2932]

Aitken, William I., 1896-1978 [RG3714]

Akin, Henry Clay, 1843-1935 [RG5858]

Albers, Arthur Theodore, 1895-1983 [RG5435]

Albrecht, Louis M., Sr., 1896-1969 [RG5466]

Alderson Family [RG5919]

Aldrich, Benton, 1831-1918 [RG3264]

Aldrich, Bess Streeter, 1881-1954 [RG3263]

Alexander, George Sherman, 1832-1894 [RG3722]

Alexander, Grover Cleveland, 1887-1950 [RG0941]

Alexander, Hartley Burr, 1873-1939 [RG4028]

Alexander, James, 1830-1902 [RG1594]

Alexander, Martin A., 1857-1943 [RG3803]

Alexis, Joseph Emanuel Alexander, 1885-1969 [RG5674]

Alfred, Norris W., 1913-1995 [RG5573]

Allan, James Thomas, 1831-1885 [RG3115]

Allen, Charles Wesley, 1851-1942 [RG2635]

Allen, Ezra Eugene, 1871-1936 [RG5920]

Allen, George Augustus, 1846-1931 [RG5341]

Allen, Katherine Fay Worley, 1876-1971 [RG2949]

Allen, Mary Elizabeth Bryan, 1872-1962 [RG2952]

Allen, Thomas J. [RG3782]

Allen, Thomas Stinson, 1865-1945 [RG3804]

Allen, Warren Stephen, 1862-1956 [RG3177]

Allen, William H. [RG3783]

Allender, Jacob [RG1134]

Allis, Samuel, 1805-1883 [RG2628]

Amen Family [RG3986]

Ames-Andrews Family [RG3767]

Amis, Lynn Frederick [RG5447]

Andersen, Maren Kristine, 1850-1929 [RG3789]

Anderson, Alfred, 1884-1974 [RG1342]

Anderson, E. (Mrs.) [RG3791]

Anderson, Helen Marie Nance, 1877-1966 [RG2967]

Anderson, Robert Ball, 1843-1930 [RG2973]

Anderson, Roland A., 1898-1977 [RG1745]

Angle-Dodge-Marshall Families [RG5571]

Aplan, Frank F., 1900-1966 [RG2989]

Appleton Family [RG0860]

Armstrong, Pauline M. (Bloom), 1905-1999 [RG4877]

Arnold Family [RG2159]

Aspinwall Family [RG3513]

Atkinson, Henry, 1782-1842 [RG3072]

Avery, May (Bennett), 1870-1960 [RG1662]

Avery, Nellie Leech, 1879-1960 [RG2671]

Avery, Samuel, 1865-1936 [RG4528]



Babcock, Eugene Wayne, 1902-1990 [RG5198]

Bacon, Daniel [RG3431]

Bailey, Isaac, 1860-1947 [RG4708]

Bailor, Silas Edward, 1857-1948 [RG3028]

Bair, Jack Wilson, 1923-2003 [RG5668]

Baird Family [RG5973]

Baker Family [RG3033]

Baker, Charles W., 1838-1923 [RG3900]

Baker, William Thomas, 1861-1939 [RG3884]

Baldrige, Robert C., 1924-2005 [RG1579]

Baldwin, Caldwell A. [RG4539]

Balfour Family [RG5061]

Ball, Marion E. [RG4059]

Ball, Rachel (Campbell), 1864-1960 [RG5600]

Ballantine Family [RG1730]

Banister, Edwin Blair [RG5499]

Baptist, Julia (Alves), ca. 1857-1914 [RG3885]

Barber, T.M. [RG5127]

Barden, Dorothy LaVone, 1903-1993 [RG3046]

Bare, Ira L., 1860-1952 [RG4542]

Barger, Lucy Jane (Dodge), 1853-1930 [RG0735]

Barker Family [RG3295]

Barker, Amos Morton, 1841-1910 [RG4543]

Barker, Joseph, 1806-1875 [RG3296]

Barnes (Barns) Family [RG4009]

Barney, Ernest L., 1899-1990 [RG1815]

Barr, Dale F. [RG0747]

Barrett, Jay Amos, 1865-1936 [RG4545]

Barstow, Marjorie L., 1899-1995 [RG5140]

Barta, James R., 1918-2001 [RG1057]

Barten, W.H., 1870-1938 [RG3883]

Bartleson, Nellie Strobel [RG5231]

Bartling, Frank August, 1885-1964 [RG3063]

Bartram, Mordecai T., 1843-1904 [RG4306]

Barwick-Johnson Families [RG5632]

Bassett, John Walter, 1847-1939 [RG3002]

Bassett, Samuel Clay, 1844-1926 [RG2891]

Bastian, James George, 1926-2003 [RG1655]

Bates Family [RG4546]

Bates, Henry Young, 1853-1930 [RG5156]

Bates, Louis A., 1855-1928 [RG4553]

Baughn Family [RG5340]

Baumann, Cora Marie (Soehl), 1918-2006 [RG5995]

Bayerlein-Messenger Family [RG3073]

Baysdorfer Family [RG4558]

Beall, Thomas Paul, 1872-1960 [RG3553]

Beck, John V., 1890-1969 [RG3546]

Becker, Clarence C., 1896-1978 [RG4066]

Beckwith, Asahel C., 1827-1896 [RG0705]

Bedford, Theodore W., ca. 1834-? [RG1170]

Beecher, George Allen, 1868-1951 [RG2509]

Behlen, Walter Dietrich, 1905-1994 [RG1595]

Belden, George Pfouts, 1844-1871 [RG0741]

Belknap, Elmer Clinton, 1905-1988 [RG1601]

Belton, James, 1831-1915 [RG0708]

Bemis, Carl A., 1861-1938 [RG5530]

Bennett, Chester Otis, 1891-1956 [RG4204]

Bennett, Dallas Ray, 1920-2012 [RG1732]

Bennett, Joan and Junior (Elmer) [RG5525]

Benson, Caleb, 1860-1937 [RG1575]

Benson, John H., c. 1809- [RG0713]

Bent, Joseph A., 1823-1906 [RG3597]

Berg, Theophil Herman, 1879-1967 [RG2631]

Berge, George W., 1864-1925 [RG3105]

Berge, Wendell, 1903-1955 [RG3106]

Berger, Harry E. [RG0728]

Berigan Family (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5376]

Berlinghof, George A., 1862-1944 [RG3134]

Bettelyoun, Susan Bordeaux, 1857-1945 [RG3113]

Beutler, Jacob, 1859-1906 [RG0729]

Beynon, Ira D., 1896-1989 [RG2917]

Bidwell, Franklin A. [RG4984]

Billingsley, Amos S., 1818-1892 [RG2994]

Bingham, Carl [RG4902]

Birkley, Hannah (Vatting), 1875-1969 [RG1350]

Bisbee, LeRoy, 1874-1963 [RG3125]

Bissey, William, 1836-1918 [RG5934]

Bissonnette, Joseph [RG0730]

Bixby, James Henry, 1858-1918 [RG0732]

Bjorkman Family [RG0733]

Black, Oz (Oswald Ragan), 1898-1977 [RG3514]

Blackhawk (Sioux Indian) [RG0731]

Blackman, Elmer Ellsworth, 1863-1942 [RG2948]

Blaha Family (Howard County, Neb.) [RG5313]

Blanchard, George Francis, 1841-1925 [RG6183]

Bleed, Peter [RG5616]

Blish, Helen H., 1898-1941 [RG4138]

Blondeau, Bernard Silvaier, 1813-1892 [RG3966]

Bloom, William C., 1878-1963 [RG1585]

Bloomfield, Susanne George [RG5801]

Blouch, Lesher, 1887-1971 [RG1014]

Blythe, Samuel Finley, 1842-1928 [RG0739]

Bobbitt, Theodore Newton, 1843-1940 [RG3574]

Bodie, Fredrick Edward, 1878-1961 [RG1821]

Bole, S. James, 1875-1956 [RG0737]

Bookwalter, John Wesley, 1839-1915 [RG0742]

Booth, Henry [RG0744]

Borg, John Alfred, 1854-1922 [RG0746]

Borglum, John Gutzon de la Mothe, 1867-1941 [RG0700]

Bos, Jenny [RG5910]

Bottcher, Edward F., 1906-1988 [RG0748]

Bouges, Merle E. [RG1392]

Bourke, John Gregory, 1846-1896 [RG2955]

Bowden, Sam [RG0750]

Bowker, Earl, 1920-2002 [RG6225]

Bowler, Henry Richard, 1837-1911 [RG3924]

Boye, Roger [RG5904]

Bozell, Lois (Robbins), 1895-1979 [RG5519]

Brace, David L., 1855-1929 [RG0752]

Bradt, William, 1822-1875 [RG3877]

Brady, John David, 1874-1948 [RG3512]

Brady, Richard Gould, 1924-2008 [RG5715]

Bragg, George “Nate”, 1897-1975 [RG3950]

Brainerd, Henry Allen, 1857-1940 [RG3161]

Branch, Perry W., Sr., 1898-1971 [RG2953]

Brandeis (Arthur D.) Residence [RG0753]

Brandsberg, George, 1937- [RG2625]

Branting, Luther R. (Swanson), 1887-1957 [RG1453]

Bratt, John P., 1856-1930 [RG1994]

Bratt, John, 1842-1918 [RG4157]

Bray, Daniel Damon, 1858-1925 [RG4392]

Bressler Family [RG2920]

Breuer, Miles John, 1889-1945 [RG0784]

Bridge Family [RG4334]

Bridge, Charles F., 1850-1930 [RG0786]

Brininstool, Earl Alonzo, 1870-1957 [RG0789]

Bristol, David Charles, 1834-1925 [RG0798]

Britt, R. Emmett, 1891- [RG4418]

Broady Family [RG4878]

Broady, Jefferson Hunsaker, 1844-1908 [RG2958]

Broat, Willard, 1848-1932 [RG0801]

Broatch, James Wallace, 1869-1908 [RG0803]

Brock, George R., 1851-1890 [RG0806]

Bronson, Joseph Henry, 1834- [RG3288]

Brooks-Saunders-Kannow Families [RG5924]

Brooks, Harriet Sophia (Brewer), 1828-1888 [RG4054]

Brower, Martin Irenius, 1847-1920 [RG4055]

Brown Family [RG3678]

Brown Family (Scottsbluff, Neb.) [RG5381]

Brown, Elinor L. (Baade), 1915-2008 [RG3185]

Brown, Erastus E., 1836-1908 [RG0808]

Brown, Harrison J. [RG5319]

Brown, Henry B., 1870-1931 [RG2844]

Brown, Mildred D. [RG5503]

Brown, Priscilla Y. [RG0811]

Brown, Thomas J., 1853-1939 [RG0812]

Brown, William Young [RG5807]

Broz, Jan Stepan, 1865-1919 [RG0821]

Bruce, John C., 1868-1956 [RG3879]

Brugger Family [RG2996]

Brugger, Florence, 1901-1988 [RG5457]

Brugh, Ralph W., 1902-1976 [RG0823]

Bruner Family [RG3589]

Bruning, Fred, 1858-1940 [RG0826]

Buchanan, William T., 1843-1927 [RG0827]

Buck, Nelson, 1807-1869 [RG0828]

Buck, Philo Melvin, Jr., 1877-1950 [RG5483]

Buck, Royal, 1820-1890 [RG0833]

Buck-Hoerger Family (Sutton, Neb.) [RG0902]

Buer, Ramona Nadine (Frost), 1916-1993 [RG1593]

Buhrmann, Herman D., 1886-1957 [RG5645]

Bullock, Flora, 1871-1962 [RG3123]

Bunger, Elmer L., 1890-1969 [RG0834]

Burckhardt, Oliver J., 1868-1949 [RG3248]

Burge, Clyde A., 1894-1988 [RG1045]

Burke, Marguerette R., 1885-1978 [RG3502]

Burleigh, Raymond, 1905- [RG0836]

Burney, John G., 1827-1905 [RG3137]

Burr, Alfred Hamlin, 1890-1978 [RG4516]

Burr, Carlos C., 1846-1927 [RG5974]

Burt, Henry Martyn, 1831-1899 [RG0837]

Burton, Aileen (Cook) & George [RG3756]

Burton, Annie (Cowell), 1885-1971 [RG4368]

Burton, James F., 1888- [RG3729]

Butcher, Solomon DeVore, 1856-1927 [RG2608]

Byers, Charles E., 1876-1958 [RG5953]

Byrd-Yeats Family [RG0840]



Cabanne, Jean Pierre, 1783-1854 [RG0841]

Caldwell, Charles Clinton, 1903-1990 [RG5507]

Callen, Ernest Glenn, 1894-1964 [RG2644]

Calvert, Thomas Elwood, 1849-1916 [RG1998]

Cameron Family [RG5613]

Cameron, Allan John, 1875-1938 [RG0864]

Camp, Walter Mason, 1867-1925 [RG4404]

Campbell, Hardy Webster, 1850-1937 [RG5393]

Campbell, Iain C.G., 1912-1997 [RG3632]

Campbell, John R., 1852-1942 [RG0842]

Campbell, L.E. [RG3888]

Canaday, Claude, 1896-1988 [RG6110]

Canaday, Ralph O., 1891-1970 [RG5874]

Cannon Family [RG5769]

Capron, Edwin R., 1838-1874 [RG3521]

Carleton, Mark [RG2687]

Carley, Furman B., 1859-1940 [RG0862]

Carlson, Robert E., 1908-1982 [RG1173]

Carmody, Arthur, 1899-1987 [RG0872]

Carmody, Grace Geraldine (Palmer), 1909-2009 [RG5679]

Carns, Margaret Jane (Burke), 1859-1952 [RG2970]

Carpenter-Colburn Family [RG5257]

Carr, Eugene Asa, 1830-1910 [RG2688]

Carrington, George Dodd, 1879-1969 [RG1008]

Carson, John Lind, 1832-1897 [RG2971]

Carstens, Frederick W., 1910-1999 [RG4551]

Carter, Edward Francis, 1897-1981 [RG4231]

Carter, Susan Ophelia, 1860-1946 [RG0846]

Carter, Willard Verner, 1874- [RG4536]

Carver, William Frank “Doc,” 1851-1927 [RG3623]

Carveth, Stephen W. [RG5962]

Castle, Jennings Young, 1896-1986 [RG5983]

Castor, Gabriel C., 1842-1915 [RG0845]

Cather Family [RG3890]

Cather, Willa Sibert, 1873-1947 [RG2639]

Chaffee, Oliver N., 1835-1916 [RG2950]

Chambers, Encil, 1895-1979 [RG3726]

Champe, Flavia Waters, 1902-1992 [RG2001]

Champe, John Leland, 1895-1978 [RG2003]

Champe-Woodley Letters [RG0881]

Chapman Family [RG4408]

Chapman, Darius H., 1836-1924 [RG0882]

Chapman, Sidney W., 1831-1903 [RG3699]

Chapman, Samuel M., 1839-1907 [RG2974]

Chapman, Samuel M., 1839-1907 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG2974]

Charbonneau, Alexis Merrill, 1850-1939 [RG0883]

Chase, Champion Spaulding, 1820-1898 [RG0884]

Chase, Fred W., 1835-1925 [RG4886]

Chase, Hiram, III, 1861-1928 [RG0885]

Cheever, John H., 1829-1904 [RG0886]

Cheney, John [RG0887]

Cherny, Robert [RG5612]

Chesney, Warren E., 1828-1893 [RG3891]

Cheyenne Indian Art [RG0888]

Chief, 1932-1968 (the last U.S. Cavalry horse) [RG4261]

Chilvers, William Burnham, 1835-1914 [RG3461]

Chism, Viola H. Bush, 1871-1959 [RG3958]

Chrisman, Harry Eugene, 1906-1993 [RG2640]

Churley, George [RG5865]

Church, Foster, 1822-1911 [RG2976]

Clapp, Hugh Elton [RG3186]

Clark, Noah Smith Workmen, 1848-1930 [RG3965]

Clark, Emory Ellison, 1883-1958 [RG4455]

Clark, W. Dale (Wilber Dale), 1892-1975 [RG3638]

Clarkson, Robert Harper, 1826-1884 [RG3269]

Cleghorn, Daniel Benjamin, 1827-1879 [RG2980]

Clements, Betty (Grace Elizabeth), 1918-1965 [RG3441]

Clements-Gould Families [RG5527]

Closner, Glen, 1968- [RG0794]

Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917 [RG3004]

Coffee, Harry Buffington, 1890-1972 [RG3717]

Coffey, Ray Edward, 1921-2005 [RG6090]

Coffman, Frank, Sr. [RG5804]

Colby, Leonard Wright, 1846-1924 [RG0866]

Cole, Daniel Cady, 1836-1930 [RG0867]

Cole, J.W. [RG5972]

Cole, Nellie Wurtsmith, 1864-1955 [RG0775]

Cole, William John, 1885-1959 [RG0865]

Coletta, Paolo E., 1916-2007 [RG1869]

Colfax, Schuyler, 1823-1885 [RG0892]

Colvin, Rod [RG5949]

Comer, George P. [RG4438]

Comstock, Ethel Martin, 1882-1974 [RG2997]

Comstock, John Hay, 1904-1993 [RG0894]

Conaway, Ivan, 1909-2011 [RG1709]

Condon, William M., 1865-1920 [RG2637]

Conklin, J.E., 1889-1965 [RG3535]

Conkling, Alice Mercy, 1877-1968 [RG0896]

Conley, George Emery, 1832-1906 [RG0897]

Cook, Charlotte Evelyn Scofield, 1868-1917 [RG5012]

Cook, John, 1849-1928 [RG5144]

Cook, Rhoda Van Fleet [RG5030]

Cook, Stephen Edgar, 1925- [RG6031]

Copley, Sarah Ann (Harvey), 1892-1969 [RG3085]

Copple, Grace (Goldie Grace Tranbarger), 1880-1945 [RG5553]

Cordeal, John [RG5918]

Cornelius, Ida Rebecca (Brockman), 1869-1960 [RG5107]

Cort, Verna M., 1897-1976 [RG5604]

Coryell Family [RG2634]

Cosgrave, P. James, 1871-1960 [RG3196]

Courtenay, Dominick Gerald and Irene G. [RG0898]

Courtright, Harry [RG3520]

Covey, George Worthington, 1889-1966 [RG3504]

Cowgill, William H., 1859-1910 [RG0899]

Cox Family [RG3617]

Cox, Emma Louise Sweney, ca. 1843-? [RG1631]

Cox, Leslie A. [RG0915]

Cox, Wesley E., 1857-1945 [RG0917]

Cox, William Wallace, 1832-1907 [RG0955]

Coyle, Quentin M., 1917-2005 [RG5694] (PDF)

Cozad, John Jackson, 1830-1906 [RG0918]

Cozad, Justus L., 1833-1910 [RG0919]

Craft, Cecil and Ellen [RG6256]

Crandall, Albert W., 1849-1939 [RG1634]

Crandall, Eliphalet B., 1834-1907 [RG0920]

Crandall, Howard W., 1875-1972 [RG1635]

Cravin, Jessie Eva Starr Patton, 1880-1961 [RG1639]

Crawford, Harry Love, 1879-1959 [RG1750]

Creech, Frances M., 1912-1999 [RG5372]

Creech, Jimmy (James Edward) [RG5312]

Creigh, Dorothy Weyer, 1922-1982 [RG4117]

Creigh, Thomas, Jr., 1912- [RG4118]

Crittenden, Cornelia Williams, 1895-1959 [RG0796]

Crooker, Jabez Cushman, 1820- [RG3251]

Crosby, Harry A., 1871-1953 [RG3259]

Cross, Jabez, 1876-1955 and Cross, Elsie M. (Nachneber) Richmond, 1898-1995 [RG5517]

Crossley, William F., 1857 [RG5636]

Crouse, Lawrence W., 1896- [RG3781]

Crum, Charles Walter, 1864-1957? [RG5580]

Culbertson, Alexander, 1809-1879 [RG0870]

Culwell, Henry, 1842-1907 [RG0925]

Cummings, Marion Taylor, 1861?-1941 [RG1405]

Curd, John D., 1923-2008 [RG1546]

Curtis, Charles, 1836-1917 [RG0869]

Curtis, Kenneth D., 1906-1994 [RG3794]

Cushman, John Lewis, 1834-1907 [RG3294]

Czech Reminiscences [RG1606]



Dail, Clarence Oscar, 1927-2000 [RG5506]

Daily, M.S. “Steve,” 1877-1966 [RG5871]

Daily, William, 1828-1926 [RG0929]

Dake, Orsamus Charles, 1832-1875 [RG0830]

Dale, Raymond Elmer, 1880-1966 [RG2982]

Daley Family [RG2985]

Dalrymple, Frederick E., 1852-1921 [RG0933]

Dalton, Margaret Comstock, 1880- [RG1659]

Danker, Donald Floyd, 1922-2005 [RG1370]

Danley, William Arthur, 1860-1927 [RG0934]

Darnell-Baxa-Laun Families [RG6216]

Dauchy, Jerome H., 1834-1897 [RG3503]

Davenport, George H. (Chadron, Neb.) [RG5832] (PDF)

Davenport, John S., 1826-1902 [RG0873]

Davis, Bette Rathburn (Elizabeth Rathburn), 1920-1997 [RG0771]

Davis, Horace Mansell, 1873-1971 [RG3625]

Davis, Margaret, 1875-1958 [RG3090]

Davis, Thomas Holman, 1921-1999 [RG5441]

Davis, Thomas Milburn, 1918-1988 [RG0936]

Day, Ava Geraldine (Speese), 1912-1988 [RG0938]

Day, Hannibal [RG3892]

Day, Stephen Delevan, 1883-1960 [RG3600]

Dean Family [RG4194]

Dean, Edwin Blanchard, 1866-1948 [RG1995]

Deitemeyer, Ramona Jane (Wood), 1920-2014 [RG6255]

Delimont, Minnie Adelle (Rundall), 1871-1957 [RG0937]

Dellett, James C., 1829-1860 [RG0931]

Delzell Family [RG5890] (PDF)

Demaray, Elmer N., 1887-1969 [RG0944]

Dennison, William Wallace, 1821-1863 [RG0946]

Depredation Claim Files [RG5917]

DePutron Family [RG5141]

DePutron, John Corey, 1919-1995 [RG1959]

Diary, 1875 (Elsie J. Hunt?) [RG5181]

Diary (unidentified), 1865 [RG0778]

Diary (unidentified), 1868-1869 (Seward County, Neb.) [RG1376]

Diary (unidentified), 1877 [RG5574]

Dibble, Richard, 1836-1908 [RG3099]

Diehl-Stratton (William S. Diehl and Mary M. Stratton) [RG0947]

Diehm Family [RG5502]

Doane, Thomas, 1821-1897 [RG4354]

Dobbins, Harry Thompson, 1865-1953 [RG2939]

Dodge Family [RG0712]

Dodge, Caroline E. (Marshall), 1819-1892 [RG4263]

Dolan, Nellie [RG1642]

Doles, Henry Franklin [RG2690]

Donnell, Amos Edwin, 1859-1921 [RG0948]

Donner, Tamsen Dozier (Eustis), 1801-1847 [RG0960]

Donovan, William T. [RG0961]

Doorly, Henry, 1879-1961 [RG3754]

Dougherty, John, 1791-1860 [RG3902]

Douglas, Judson B. [RG3743]

Douglass, Leon Forrest, 1869-1940 [RG0878]

Douglass, Stephen Ralph, 1828-1905 [RG0962]

Drake, Almira Mae Payne, 1880-1948 [RG4165]

Drake, Miles N., 1858-1933 [RG0859]

Draper, Ira Alexander, 1849-1943 [RG0963]

Drexel, Lucy V. [RG0901]

DuBois, Kenneth Wayne, 1918-1972 [RG5877]

Dudley, Bob C., 1923-2010 [RG5758]

Dudley, Nathan Augustus Monroe, 1825-1910 [RG3556]

Due, Christ, 1852-1946 [RG3055]

Dugger, Alexander F., 1884-1981 [RG0964]

Dull Knife (Cheyenne Chief), 1810-1883 [RG0965]

Dunbar, John, 1820-1903 [RG0966]

Dunbar, John, 1804-1857 [RG4302]

Dundy, Elmer Scipio, 1830-1896 [RG0969]

Dungan, John [RG3148]

Dunlap, Estle Plumb “Pete,” 1905-1992 [RG5397]

Dunlap, James Polk [RG4303]

Dunn, Lee James, 1861-1937 [RG2633]

Dunn, William, 1842-1919 [RG0707]

Dunten, Winfield Scott, 1847-1928 [RG0972]

Duren, Terence R., 1904-1968 [RG0973]

Dyer, Albert Henry, 1854-1926 [RG4050]



Eager, Frank DeWitt, 1872-1960 [RG2420]

Easton, Robert H., 1879-1971 [RG2691]

Edgerton, Frank Eugene, 1875-1963 [RG2504]

Edler, Frank [RG5984]

Edmisten, J.M. [RG5591]

Edwards, Charles T., 1874-1954 [RG0975]

Egge, Heinrich, 1830-1879 [RG4520]

Eggleston Family [RG0976]

Eis Family [RG5323]

Ekwall-Fager-Bergquist and associated families [RG5627]

Eldredge, Henry Grosvenor [RG0977]

Elliot, Lillian A., 1880- [RG2693]

Elliot, Robert M., 1844-1935 [RG5667]

Elliott, Fred J., 1866-1953 [RG6170]

Ellis, Robert Binns, 1812-1873 [RG1646]

Ellison, William H., 1862-1949 [RG4247]

Ellyson, William Wallace, 1898-1995 [RG1566]

Elmore Family [RG4045]

Elwell, George A., 1891-1976 [RG6172]

Elwood, William Johnson, 1832-1910 [RG0978]

Emerson, Abijah M. [RG0979]

Emerson, James Lewis, 1854-1919 [RG5348]

Enersen, Lawrence Albert, 1909-1983 [RG5459]

Engels, Frank J., 1874- [RG4305]

Enslow, George W., 1845-1939 [RG4292]

Ernst, Carl Julius, 1854-1932 [RG3164]

Ernst, Christine Claseman [RG1647]

Everett, Harry H., 1875-1949 [RG0981]

Exon Family [RG3127]



Fairfield, Joseph W. [RG0983]

Falter, John Phillip, 1910-1982 [RG4121] (PDF)

Fancher, James Alexander Polk, 1841-1912 [RG1187]

Farrell, Dennis, 1849-1903 [RG0991]

Farritor, Robert J., 187?- [RG0992]

Feenan Family [RG2606]

Fenner, Leonard B., 1870-1960 [RG0993]

Ferguson, William Henry, 1856-1937 [RG3644] (PDF)

Ferris, Mary Walton, 1873-1943? [RG3277]

Fetterley, Nicholas D., 1839-1921 [RG4518]

Findley, Palmer, 1868-1964 [RG2607]

Fitzgerald, W.D., residence (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1167]

Fitzmorris, Thomas J. [RG0998]

Flansburg, Harry Ernest, 1885-1980 [RG3505]

Fleischmann, Glen Harvey, 1909-1985 [RG4228] (PDF)

Fleming, Fenton B., 1883-1953 [RG3926]

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham, 1838-1923 [RG2728]

Flick, Joseph, 1818-1899 [RG0999]

Folley, Ruth (Talbert) Greene, 1906-2005 [RG5349]

Follmer, George Dallas, 1844-1914 [RG3603]

Folsom Family [RG3744]

Folsom, Benjamin R., 1809-1882 [RG4300]

Fontenelle Family [RG1738]

Fontenelle, Logan, 1825-1855 [RG1001]

Ford, Frances Mary Wiggins, 1854-1956 [RG0903]

Forehand, Lloyd D., 1845-1918 [RG0722]

Forsyth, James W., 1835-1906 [RG5664]

Foster, Clifford T., 1915-1983 [RG6107]

Foster, Doris E. [RG3667]

Foster, Frank O., 1893-1966 [RG6058]

Foster, Mary [RG1005]

Fouse, William H. [RG1006]

Fowle-Hayden-Howe and Associated Families [RG6033] (PDF)

Fowler, E.B. [RG1007]

Franklin, George Washington, 1860-1936 [RG3614]

Frederick, Carolyn Verle, 1941- [RG5902] (PDF)

Freeland, Truman, 1852-1938 [RG2928]

Freeman, Francis, 1813-1886 [RG5975] (PDF)

French, William M. DeCoursey [RG1033]

Frew, James Barcus, 1856-1939 [RG4229]

Freye, Leslie and Irene [RG5569]

Fritz, George, 1823-1888 [RG1016]

Frizzell, Alexander L., 1833-1907 [RG1017]

Froman, Sarah Alice (Snow), 1844-1927 [RG1018]

Froyd, Erwin A. [RG3693]

Fry, Edwin Augustus, 1851-1936 [RG3281]

Fuchs Family [RG4196]

Fullen, Dell [RG5692]

Fuller, Charles Marion, Jr., 1874-1940 [RG3463]

Fuller, Randall [RG2937]


Gabel Family [RG5346]

Gaddis-Higgins Family [RG1020]

Gage Family [RG5882]

Galbraith, Edward W., 1858-1942 [RG1021]

Galvanized Yankees (Nebraska) [RG0779]

Galvin, Arnold Harold, 1897-1963 [RG4882]

Gant Family [RG1022]

Gantt, Daniel, 1814-1878 [RG3267]

Garman Family [RG3599]

Garner, Ralph Everett, 1910-1987 [RG4104]

Garton, Nancy Elizabeth (Cox), 1843-1929 [RG1023]

Gasseling, Judy Kaye (Stower), 1943-2016 [RG6040] (PDF)

Gatzemeyer, Florence Irma [RG5925] (PDF)

Gaughan, T. Clement, 1903-1983 [RG5864]

Gehrke, Edward and Margaret [RG0849]

Gerdes-Whitmore Families [RG0971]

Gere Family [RG3472]

German, Milo V., 1904-1957 [RG4169]

Gerrard, Betty C. (Elizabeth Caroline Weaver), 1852-1924 [RG1663]

Gibson, John T. (aka John Blunt) [RG1024]

Giddings, Charles W., 1811-1879 [RG3303]

Giffin, Ira A., 1873-1898 [RG1617]

Gilbert, John, 1837- [RG1917]

Gilchrist, Leonard Whiting, 1831-1919 [RG3875]

Gilder, Robert Fletcher, 1856-1940 [RG1025]

Gillespie, (Mrs.) H.O., 1869- [RG1916]

Gillespie, John, 1832-1897 [RG1189]

Gillett, Harold L., 1898-1959 [RG3696]

Gilmer, Bessie Mae (Tucker), 1898-1992 [RG1026]

Gilmore, Andrew Hall, 1829-1907 [RG1027]

Gilmore, George Harrison, 1866-1955 [RG3270]

Gilmore, Melvin Randolph, 1868-1940 [RG3308]

Gingrich, Robert [RG1034]

Gitchel-Larsen Family [RG3622]

Gockley Family [RG3933]

Goebel, Frederick W., 1876-1949 [RG3449]

Goebel, Henry Edward, 1907-1998 [RG3450]

Gold, Nathan Jules, 1894-1970 [RG3585]

Goodwill, Mary Frances (Cooper) Gerrard, 1879-1960 [RG5068]

Gorball, George C., 1845-1928 [RG4139]

Gordon, John, Expedition to the Black Hills (Dakota Territory) [RG1036]

Gore, Nora Ann (Calvin), 1867-1937 [RG5193]

Goss, John Q., 1827-1918 [RG3516]

Gould, Charles, 1824-1913 [RG3824]

Gould, Joseph, 1815-1882 [RG3307]

Grabe, George, 1883-1949 [RG4051]

Graf, Burket E., 1918-2007 [RG5624]

Graff, George B., 1816-1885 [RG1037]

Graham, Ira G., 1844-1921 [RG5794]

Graham, Robert B. [RG1038]

Grant, Michael Johnston, 1961- [RG5406]

Grasmick Family (Scottsbluff, Neb.) [RG5545]

Gray, Denver David, 1917-2013 [RG1389]

Gray, John A. [RG5252]

Gray, William, 1852-1927 [RG3402]

Grayson, William W., 1876-1941 [RG1039]

Green Family [RG4239]

Green, Albert Lamborn, 1845-1947 [RG2800]

Green, Norma Kidd and Roy M. [RG3532]

Green, William Earl, 1925-1945 [RG2025]

Greevy, Matthew J., 1859-1935 [RG5534]

Gregory Family [RG3403]

Gregory, Charles Buckingham, 1870-1937 [RG3550]

Greguras, Fred M. [RG3705]

Greiner, Loren, 1908-2016 [RG6045] (PDF)

Grice, Samuel Roe, 1817-1862 [RG2968]

Griess, James Ruben, 1941-2014 [RG5976] (PDF)

Griffing, Rev. James S., 1822-1882 [RG1041]

Griffing, Mary Jane (Crawford), 1919-2007 [RG5584]

Griffith, Levi J., 1834-1912 [RG2020]

Griggs, Frederick, 1867-1952 [RG3405]

Griggs, John Colby, 1837-1914 [RG3942]

Griggs, Nathan Kirk, 1844-1910 [RG1873]

Grimes, George E., 1894-1964 [RG5761]

Grimes, Mary C. [RG5905] (PDF)

Grimit, John R., 1833- [RG3039]

Grinnell, George Bird, 1849-1938 [RG4479]

Griswold, Ira P., 1842-1918 [RG1985]

Gruenther, Christian M., 1871-1923 [RG5430]

Grunwald Family (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5673]

Gund, May (Ida May), 1868-1951 [RG3662]

Gunnerson, Joseph Emanuel, 1884-1947 [RG1961] (PDF)

Gushee, Amos Llewellyn, 1836-1911 [RG3972]

Guthrie, Richard Terrell, 1890-1958 [RG4124]



Haar, David, 1885-1970 [RG5811] (PDF)

Haase, Augustus Theodore, 1835-1920 [RG3408]

Haden, John J., 1853-1903 [RG5775]

Hadsall, Charles, 1843-1915 [RG4295]

Haefele, Joseph, 1863-1930 [RG5112]

Hahn, Virginia (Bridger), 1849-1933 [RG1050]

Hales, Felix, 1858-1917 [RG6254]

Hall Brothers/Norfolk Postcard Company (Norfolk, Neb.) [RG4903]

Hall, Albert Willis, 1856- [RG3012]

Hall, Charles E., 1861-1941 [RG1046]

Hall, Grace Milliken, 1915- [RG4484]

Hall, Norman C. [RG1580]

Hall, Samuel R., 1854-1925 [RG4049]

Hall-Kinney Collection [RG2839] (PDF)

Hall-Neal, Suesella “Ella,” 1873-1959 [RG1060]

Haller Family (Blair, Neb.) [RG5963] (PDF)

Hallock, Leila May (Ball), 1881-1961 [RG0793]

Hamer, Francis G., 1843-1918 [RG4471]

Hamilton, Henry W., 1898-1984 [RG1010]

Hamilton, William, 1811-1891 [RG5683]

Hamilton, William Frank, 1900-1969 [RG4193]

Hamilton-Murdock Family [RG1062]

Hammond, George [RG1064]

Hancock, Leland M., 1919-2006 [RG4968]

Hanna, Don Emerson, 1887-1954 [RG2041]

Hansen, John C., 1902-1967 [RG4986]

Hansen, Mal, 1916- [RG5581]

Hansen, Merle E., 1919-2009 [RG5509]

Hanson-Foerster Families (Davey, Neb.) [RG5894] (PDF)

Hardy, Harvey Wesley, 1825-1913 [RG1999]

Hardy, Philip Seacrest, 1903-1972 [RG2000] (PDF)

Harm, William Henry, 1865-1951 [RG5010]

Harmon, Mary S. (Kirkpatrick), 1861-1938 [RG1613]

Harmon, William Julius, 1849-1921 [RG3014]

Harmon-Dittmer-Welch Families [RG5216]

Harms, Charles C., 1846-1925 [RG3634] (PDF)

Harpster, Mary Margaret (Pike), 1852- [RG3018]

Harris, John T., III [RG3601]

Harris, Russell Lamont, 1921- [RG5908] (PDF)

Harris, Walter R., 1920-1943 [RG5523]

Harris, William M. and Laura Hughes [RG1065]

Harrison, Agnes (Schmitt), 1894-1966 [RG4563]

Hart, Joseph M., 1921-2004 [RG1539]

Harte, Lucy V. (Drexel), 1861-1946 [RG0901]

Hartley, Joseph H., 1899-1990 [RG5959]

Hartman Family [RG1066]

Hartman, George Edward, 1868-1970 [RG0768]

Hartwell, Donald B., 1888-1954 [RG3080]

Hartzell, Laura Belle, 1881-1956 [RG3633]

Harvey, Alice G., 1892-1970 [RG5542]

Harvey, Augustus Ford, 1830-1900 [RG1399]

Harvey, Helen (Ballangee), 1897-1988 [RG5992] (PDF)

Harvey, Margaret Ann (Uplinger), 1880-1970 [RG1067]

Harvey, Robert, 1844-1923 [RG2024]

Haskell, James Daniel, 1853-1927 [RG2022]

Hass, Eric, 1905-1980 [RG3703]

Hasse, August, 1826-1905 [RG1068]

Haughn, Gladys Marie McKeehan, 1896-1985 [RG5684] (PDF)

Haven, Henry H., 1844-1923 [RG1069]

Hawke, Robert, 1826-1882 [RG1070]

Hawkes, Edward, 1837-1902 [RG1071]

Hawksby, John, 1817-1891 [RG6173]

Hawthorne, Boone B., 1864-1942 [RG1076]

Hawthorne, Lynn Elaine, 1949-2001 [RG5547]

Hayes, Beverly, -1993 [RG5471]

Hazelrigg, Charles, 1858-1940 [RG2919]

Hazen, Nathan Bruce, 1897-1985 [RG0822]

Headley, Isaac N., 1820- [RG4005]

Hees, Lloyd and Joan [RG5515]

Heffelbower Family [RG6171]

Hendee, Alvin M., 1858- [RG3780]

Henderson, Roy Justin, 1875-1971 [RG5556]

Hendrickson, David H. [RG1083]

Herminghaus, Ernst Herman, 1890-1965 [RG5463]

Herron, Leonard Smith, 1884-1958 [RG2510]

Herstein, Eleanora K., 1922-2000 [RG5786] (PDF)

Hespe, Laurin W., 1918-1975 [RG1387]

Hester, Olive Rachel, 1892-1979 [RG6260]

Hickok, James Butler “Wild Bill,” 1837-1876 [RG2603]

Higley, Brainard Spencer, Jr., -1900 [RG1643]

Hildreth, Carson, 1857-1926 [RG1670]

Hill, Abner James, 1845-1925 [RG1087]

Hill, Asa Thomas, 1871-1953 [RG3562]

Hill, Charles E., 1852-1930 [RG0940]

Hill, Paul, 1815-1895 [RG1088]

Hill, Warren H., 1937- [RG5988] (PDF)

Hilpert, Adolph Herman, 1899-1946 [RG1089]

Hindmarsh Family [RG1326]

Hinds-Hiatt Family [RG3627]

Hinman, Eleanor Hamlin, 1889- [RG3200]

Hinman, Samuel Dutton, 1839-1890 [RG1474]

Hitchcock, Gilbert Monell, 1859-1934 [RG3640]

Hitchman, Robert W., 1910-2002 [RG1091]

Hockett, William Albert, 1838-1918 [RG1092]

Hoctor, Emmett C., 1950-2010 [RG4552]

Hoctor, Thomas, 1865-1927 [RG3494]

Hodges, Elmer B., c. 1904-1986 [RG5881] (PDF)

Hoegemeyer Family [RG5607]

Hoerger, Minnie V., 1882-1970 [RG3736]

Holdrege, George Ward, 1847-1926 [RG3473]

Hole, Charles, 1851-1923 [RG3478]

Hollebaugh, Charles Clifford, 1862-1943 [RG1093]

Hollingsworth Family [RG3509]

Hollingworth, Harry Levi, 1880-1956 [RG3604]

Hollingworth, Leta Stetter, 1886-1939 [RG0805]

Holmes, Frederick G., 1827-1875 [RG2735]

Holmes, George W. [RG2277] (PDF)

Holmes, Reuben, 1800-1833 [RG3016]

Honisky, Frank, 1900-1973 [RG1564]

Hookham, Clyde, 1915-1989 [RG0861]

Hoover, William Henry, 1833-1898 [RG3489]

Hopping, Charles Edward, 1857-1930 [RG5703]

Hord Family [RG4232]

Horn, Gunnar, 1912-2001 [RG5283]

Horne, Louis Willard, 1893-1960 [RG1339]

Hornung, Bertha Irene (Phillips), 1883-1964 [RG5891] (PDF)

Hotze, William Herman, 1872-1962 [RG1096]

Howard, Juliaetta, 1862-1953 [RG1012]

Howe, Arthur P. [RG1637]

Howe, Church, 1839-1915 [RG0788]

Howe, Hoxie Nixon, 1885-1959 [RG3594]

Howe, James Franklin, 1873-1948 [RG1097]

Howe, Orville Duane, 1831-1917 [RG4449]

Hoyt, Wilbur Franklin, 1864-1930 [RG4230]

Huber, Walter Glenn, 1908-1991 [RG5473]

Hubner, Charles Morton, 1855-1935 [RG1030]

Huck – Neubauer Family [RG3911]

Hudson, Henry James, 1822-1903 [RG3031]

Huff, Amor, 1926-2010 [RG5233]

Hughes-Raker Family [RG5966] (PDF)

Hull, Arundel Miller, 1974-1911 [RG2680]

Hulshizer, Nellie Blanche (Slonecker), 1897-1982 [RG1099]

Humberger, Charles E., 1907-2006 [RG1574]

Hummel, Joseph Benjamin, 1862-1942 [RG5246]

Hunter, Ronald W., 1930-2014 [RG1582]

Huntington, De Witt Clinton, 1830-1912 [RG2021]

Huntington, Harry F., 1878-1974 [RG1101]

Huntington, Thomas M., 1858- [RG1577]

Hurlburt, Charles M., 1861-1943 [RG1221]

Hurst, Charles W. [RG1102]

Huston, Lizzie [RG2015]

Hutchinson, David E., 1908-1995 [RG4186]

Hutchinson, Duane Douglas, 1929-2007 [RG6038] (PDF)

Hutchinson, Rebecca Culbertson Low, 1836-1887 [RG0904]

Hutto, Leon Truedell, 1912-1978 [RG1887]

Hyde, George E., 1882-1968 [RG0724]



Iaeger, L.J.F. (Louis John Frederick), 1856-1930 [RG0795]

Ihrie, LeRoy C., 1919-1999 [RG0785]

Ilgenfritz Family [RG4062]

Imhoff, Joseph J., 1835-1908 [RG4517]

Ingraham, Osman F., 1891-1970 [RG5533]

Ingraham, William Wilson, 1826-1888 [RG5237]

Inness, Virginia [RG5557]

Irwin, John, 1805-1893 [RG1109]

Iund Family [RG5696]

Ivins Family [RG4767]



Jackson, Julia (Fuller), 1873-1946 [RG1019]

Jacobsen, James Robert, 1857-1886 [RG5852] (PDF)

Jacobson, Ella B. [RG5585]

Jaksha, Edward Anton, 1915- [RG5552]

James, Arabella Jane (Dunn), 1906-2003 [RG0970]

James, William Hartford, 1831-1920 [RG5682] (PDF)

Janney, Martha A. (Brown), 1813- [RG1110]

Jansen, Peter, 1852-1923 [RG4013] (PDF)

Jantzen Family [RG2500]

Jensen, Georgia Ann (Trubl), 1909-2006 [RG5587]

Jensen, Jens Hans, 1849- [RG2694]

Johnson, Albert Litle, 1864-1948 [RG2665]

Johnson, Arvilla M., 1901-1971 [RG1112]

Johnson, Charles Akers, 1840-1893 [RG1652]

Johnson, Frank Henton, 1871-1960 [RG2612]

Johnson, George W. [RG3385]

Johnson, James Warren, 1858-1930 [RG1562]

Johnson, John Reuben, 1897-1973 [RG3645]

Johnson, Joseph Wright, 1835-1918 [RG3436]

Johnson, Mary A. Peale, 1868- [RG3630]

Johnson, Mildred (Oberg), 1903-1979 [RG6050]

Johnson, Pussyfoot (William Eugene), 1862-1945 [RG2092]

Johnson, Sarah Ann (Olds), 1834-1901 [RG3852]

Johnson, Thomas Berger, 1890-1968 [RG3936]

Jones, Charles A., 1881- [RG6061]

Jones, James Edwin, -1892 [RG1113]

Jones, James Knox [RG5805]

Jones, Joseph [RG3846]

Jones, Thomas N., 1861- [RG1114]

Jones, Tyre Kinser, 1873-1964 [RG2094]

Jones, Will Owen, Family [RG0956]

Jones, Willis Lee, 1917-2015 [RG4256]

Jordan, Charles Philander, 1856-1924 [RG2095]

Jorgensen, Ruthalee Holloway, 1911- [RG5455]

Joy, George Warren, 1847-1929 [RG5223]

Joyce, Richard O., 1919-1983 [RG5671]

Judd, Walter Henry, 1898-1994 [RG1115]

Judson, H.M. [RG0953]

Jurnegan, John B. [RG1171]



Kaar, Ira James, 1851-1916 [RG0927]

Kearny, Philip, 1815-1862 [RG1117]

Kearny, Stephen Watts, 1794-1848 [RG3282]

Keeling, William W., 1831-1918 [RG6174]

Keen, Thomas Edwin, 1839-1908 [RG5493]

Keepers, John and Ruth [RG5578]

Keifer, Joseph Warren, 1836-1932 [RG4515]

Keiser, David L. [RG1118]

Keith, A.A. [RG1122]

Keller, John F., 1885-1971 [RG0810]

Kelley, J. Whitney [RG3672]

Kelley, Michael, 1854- [RG1123]

Kellie, Luna E. Sanford, 1857-1940 [RG3914]

Kellogg, William Pitt, 1830-1918 [RG1124]

Kellom, John H., 1817-1891 [RG1324]

Kelly, George J. [RG5594]

Kelly, William L., 1920-1998 [RG5977] (PDF)

Kemble, Edward C. [RG1125]

Kemble, Julius F., 1838-1923 [RG1126]

Kennedy, James, 1836- [RG1128]

Kennedy, William J. [RG1129]

Kenny, Norris G., 1900-1966 [RG1130]

Ketchum, Ami Whitney, 1855-1878 [RG1131]

Ketelhut, Marvin D., 1913-1999 [RG1648]

Ketelhut-Meyer-Guse Families [RG5361]

Kidd, Albertus Homer, 1862-1936 [RG2111]

Kilbourn, N. [RG4929]

Kills Enemy Alone [RG4946]

Kilpatrick, Marian Douglas (Jones) [RG2007]

Kimball, Thomas Rogers, 1862-1934 [RG3607]

Kimmel, Edwin S., 1908-1970 [RG1135]

Kimmel, Joseph Wilson, 1846-1906 [RG1136]

King Family [RG5053]

Kingdon, Esther (Gunnison), 1893-1972 [RG3768]

Kingman, Hattie A. [RG1137]

Kingsley, George Pomeroy, 1865-1929 [RG2999]

Kinnison (and related) Families [RG4026]

Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude, 1893-1960 [RG2602]

Kinsey, James Baker, 1872-1949 [RG1139]

Kirkpatrick, Howard Ira, 1879-1952 [RG3487]

Kirkpatrick, Samuel Marshall, 1815-1892 [RG3486]

Kister, George, 1900-1983 [RG4535]

Kizer Family [RG3646]

Klase, August Karl, 1837-1897 [RG1140]

Klasna, Clayton Lee, 1927-2000 [RG5324]

Klemme, Herb (Herbert Louis), 1926-2011 [RG5532]

Klemme, Minnie Dorothy, 1912-2001 [RG5487]

Kline, George Washington, 1875-1950 [RG3810]

Knowles Family [RG3943]

Kobes, Frank Joseph, 1890-1965 [RG2627]

Koch, Ralph A., 1882-1953 [RG5969] (PDF)

Koenig, William, ?-1863 [RG0790]

Kokjer, Hans Madsen, 1857-1932 [RG1141]

Kokjer, Jordan Madsen, 1865-1942 [RG3983]

Kolena, Marie, 1914-2000 [RG1665]

Konkel, D.S. [RG1142]

Kopac, Emil [RG1143]

Korner, Nelson, 1848-1931 [RG4527]

Kostman, Charles F., 1876-1966 [RG1611]

Kountze, Herman [RG1144]

Kraft, Frederick E., 1874-1966 [RG1145]

Krebs, Karl Gottlieb, 1829-1909 [RG1146]

Krejci, Fred, 1903-1983 [RG5328]

Kretzler, Harry H., 1896-1982 [RG3605]

Kristoffersen, Kaj Duncan, 1932-2012 [RG6251]

Kriz, Edwin J., 1898-1981 [RG1581]

Kroh, John Simon, 1871-1952 [RG3812]

Kroll, Francis Lynde, 1904-1973 [RG3665]

Krontz Family [RG5903] (PDF)

Kubie-Carnahan Family [RG5202]

Kucera, Lillian Krenk, 1908?- [RG5209]

Kuehn, William Frank, 1918-2007 [RG0818]

Kuhl, Donald F., 1926-1985 [RG3396]

Kuska, Val (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company) [RG1431]

Kyle, Homer Lewis, 1888-1970 [RG3618]



Ladd, Charles Franklin, 1867-1942 [RG2131]

LaFlesche Family [RG2026]

Lakota and Omaha Stories [RG1147]

LaMaster Family [RG4011]

Lamb, Squire, 1815-1890 [RG1561]

Lamb, William James, 1867-1954 [RG3931]

Lambert, William B., 1843-1908 [RG3854]

Lamere, Oliver, 1879-1930 [RG1149]

Lamoreaux, Lowell A., 1861-1922 [RG5265]

Lampert, Beatrice Lillian (Walker), 1902-1997 [RG5599]

Land, John E. [RG1151]

Landis, Frank E., 1913-1983 [RG4454]

Landon, Melville DeLancey, 1839-1910 [RG1152]

Landon, Parson Bob (Philip R.), 1846-1933 [RG1153]

Langdon, John Mitchell, 1852-1950 [RG4241]

Larsen, Hannah, 1887-1955 [RG3855]

Latta, John M. [RG1556]

Latta, R.W. [RG1156]

Latta, William Storey, 1826-1901 [RG4352]

Lau Family [RG4255]

Lawrence, James Earnest, 1889-1957 [RG1675]

Lee, Henry James, 1837-1923 [RG5760]

Lee, Wayne C., 1917-2010 [RG3162]

Leeper Family [RG1157]

Leese, William H., 1840-1902 [RG3857]

Lehn, Henry John, 1885-1964 [RG3182]

Lehnoff, Henry John, 1871-1952 [RG3816]

Leist, Jacob H. [RG6030] (PDF)

LeMaitre, Marguerite M. (Anderson), 1917-2005 [RG5779] (PDF)

Lemmon, G.E., 1857-1946 [RG2016]

Lennan, Edward [RG1158]

Leuck, Louis Francis, 1896-1953 [RG1159]

Levinson, Harry and Ruth Diamond [RG5458]

Lewis, Ida Mae Jessop, 1862-1951 [RG1160]

Lewis, Kenneth P., 1905-1971 [RG1672]

Lewis, William R. [RG5529]

Lewton, Mabel E. (Cutter) Packer, 1890-1978 [RG1103]

Liebers, Fred A., 1894-1978 [RG1161]

Liebers, Otto Hugo, 1887-1968 [RG3533]

Lienert, Paul, 1853-1926 [RG1555]

Liggett, Francis Eugene, 1920-2019 [RG5476]

Likes, F.R. [RG5461]

Lincoln, J.C. (Justus Casner), 1828-1893 [RG3725]

Linderman, Eugene D., 1879- [RG1183]

Lindly, Mabel, 1873-1935 [RG3488]

Link, John Thomas, 1873-1936 [RG1220]

Lippincott, Joshua C., 1811-1897 [RG3873]

Littlefield, Frank Waldo, 1855-1946 [RG3107]

Livingston, Robert Ramsey, 1827-1888 [RG2166]

Lobenstein, Henry L., 1903-1989 [RG3938]

Locke, Walter Leonard, 1875-1957 [RG1186]

Loder, John P., 1828-1908 [RG3029]

Long, A.M. [RG1188]

Long, Francis A., 1859-1937 [RG2171]

Loomis, George Linden, 1849-1932 [RG3860]

Loomis, Nelson Henry, 1862-1933 [RG5802] (PDF)

Lord, Charles A., 1868-1936 [RG5489]

Lorenz Family [RG4236]

Lorenz, Keats Wasey, 1889-1966 [RG3755]

Loring, William R., 1820- [RG5222]

Lostroh, Elwood L., 1920-2008 [RG5658] (PDF)

Lotto, Joseph, 1895-1978 [RG3777]

Lowden, Jeannie Elizabeth, 1899-1984 [RG1828] (PDF)

Lowe, Enos, 1804-1880 [RG1192]

Lowitt, Richard, 1922- [RG3101]

Lowman, Mary Foster [RG1193]

Luce, H.M. [RG1194]

Ludwig, Jacob, 1830- [RG3980]

Luhrs Family [RG1195]

Lutz Family [RG5771]

Lyden, Pierce, 1908-1998 [RG4672]

Lyon, Lucy Ann Schofield, 1865-1931 [RG5485]



Madden Family [RG5245]

Madson, Everett C., 1918- [RG5577]

Magee Family [RG1864] (PDF)

Magee, Nellie Throop, 1874-1964 [RG2988]

Mahin, Milton Fletcher, 1849-1934 [RG1209]

Mainquist Family [RG5851] (PDF)

Malone, Robert Thomas, 1891-1963 [RG2759]

Maltby, John Rogers, 1827-1892 [RG2192]

Manglitz, Marjorie (Welsch), 1930- [RG5845] (PDF)

Mangold, Arthur and Florence Gordon [RG5933]

Manion, Isam B. [RG1212]

Manley, Bonnie (Royal) Berry, 1906-1971 [RG1133]

Mann, Channing R. [RG3681]

Manners, Alfred A., 1887-1983 [RG5520]

Marples, Charles, 1824?-1876 [RG3771]

Martens-Parker-Roberts Families [RG5955] (PDF)

Marti, David Benjamin, 1877-1970 [RG3698]

Martin, Ben F. [RG3620]

Martin, Mark T., 1916-1981 [RG1553]

Martin-Haller Residence (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3163]

Martinson, Emil L., 1883-1959 [RG1215]

Mason, Joseph Conway, 1867- [RG3822]

Masters, Joseph Gallio, 1873-1954 [RG1174]

Maston, George A., 1849-1913 [RG3206]

Mathewson, Charles, 1812-1880 [RG1217]

Matson, Sigel, 1873-1956 [RG3820]

Mattison, Ray Harold, 1903-1980 [RG4211]

Mattson, Ivan Harold, 1895-1952 [RG2216]

Matzke, Stanley Allan, 1933-2017 [RG1218]

Maun, John H., 1819-1887 [RG1219]

Maunder Family [RG5707]

Maxwell, Samuel, 1825-1901 [RG3905]

Maxwell, Samuel, 1825-1901 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG3905]

Mayfield, Eugene O., 1860-1943 [RG1223]

McBride, John Holden, 1808-1895 [RG3515]

McBroom, Mary Jane (Peters), 1852-1915 [RG6096]

McCallum, Jessie and Donald [RG2636]

McCandless, Byron, 1881-1967 [RG1196]

McCanles, William Monroe [RG5149]

McCarty Family [RG1197]

McCarty, John S., 1869-1922 [RG4030]

McClary, Washington Lafayette, 1853(?)-1938 [RG3775]

McCleery, Nancy Hill [RG1198]

McClenathan, Guy W. [RG3774]

McComb, Harold and John Resler [RG1199]

McCord, Gerald [RG1201]

McCormick, Clyde E., ca. 1881- [RG5810] (PDF)

McCormick, Edward P. [RG1202]

McCrea, Edward L., 1865-1951 [RG1203]

McCreight, M.I. [RG1204]

McCutcheon, John Tinney, 1870-1949 [RG3554]

McDonald, Charles W., 1826-1919 [RG4547]

McDonald, William Andrew, 1858-1939 [RG5642]

McGeachin, William Rankin, 1882-1965 [RG0943]

McGillycuddy, Valentine T., 1849-1939 [RG4252]

McGinnis, John E., 1851- [RG0877]

McGrew, Samuel W., 1845-1914 and Kittie (Coleman) McGrew, 1853-1911 [RG1206]

McIntosh, C. Barron (Charles Barron), 1916-2007 [RG5410]

McKelvie, Martha Groves, 1886-1976 [RG2229]

McKibbin, James Wesley, 1852-1921 [RG3894]

McKinley, Irving Samuel, 1904-1991 [RG6259]

McKinney, Edmund [RG4179]

McLaughlin, David Henry, 1833-1912 [RG1207]

McLaughlin, James, 1842-1923 [RG5662]

McLaughlin, Warren [RG3545]

McLennan, William, 1819-1903 [RG1208]

McMahon Family [RG1404]

McMaken, Henry Clay, 1840-1912 [RG4572]

McMaster, Archie Lee [RG1394]

McPhee, Clare and Marguerite [RG2421]

McPherson, Thomas Buchanan, 1853-1928 [RG5785]

Mead, Mary Eliza (Dexter), 1840-1928 [RG1224]

Mead-Cockrell Family [RG4254]

Mears, Louise Wilhelmina, 1874-1965 [RG2236]

Medal of Honor. Nebraska [RG3524]

Meek, Harriet “Hattie” Ella, 1884-1973 [RG0958]

Meinen, E. John (Ernest John), 1897-1968 [RG4246]

Meinhold, Charles, 1812-1877 [RG1225]

Melvin, James G., -1863 [RG2462]

Mendelson, Harry George, 1900-1978 [RG1228]

Merchant, Robert A., 1920-2008 [RG5841]

Meredith, Mamie Jane, 1888-1966 [RG2239]

Meredith, Robert T., 1893-1980 [RG1229]

Merklin, Donovan [RG5655]

Merrill, Kenetha Thomas, 1900-1989 [RG1230]

Merrill, Moses, 1803-1840 [RG2242]

Messinger, John D., 1836-1887 [RG1231]

Metcalf, George [RG2244] (PDF)

Metcalf, Julian, 1833-1916 [RG1232]

Meyer, Richard Hugh, 1926-2009 [RG1702]

Meyer, Zwingli F., 1891-1981 [RG6106]

Mickey, Clark Edwin, 1883-1948 [RG2770]

Middleton, David Cherry “Doc”, 1849-1913 [RG2248]

Mikkelsen, Niels, 1876-1955 [RG3925]

Miles, Floyd, 1904-1989 [RG1080]

Miles, Harold Bancroft, 1882-1939 [RG4251]

Miles, Stella Wilcken, 1886-1988 [RG5618]

Miles, Stephen Boyd, 1822-1898 [RG1233]

Milford, Mark Lane, 1844-1932 [RG1236]

Miller, Annie Louise, 1860-1945 [RG4197]

Miller, Edwin O., 1847-1913 [RG1238]

Miller, Florence Hazen, 1879-1964 [RG3753]

Miller, George Lorin, 1830-1920 [RG4559]

Miller, John Andrew, 1840-1925 [RG3171]

Miller, John H., 1846- [RG1239]

Miller, Lorin, 1800-1888 [RG1240]

Miller, William H. [RG1241]

Miller, William Lewis, 1847-1926 [RG3764]

Miller, Winfield Scott, 1861-1931 [RG2253]

Millington, Janet, 1936- [RG5229]

Mills, Anzonetta (Hunt), 1863-1941 [RG5259]

Mills, Corbett Emmett, 1892- [RG1242]

Millson, William Bryan, 1882-1950 [RG0715]

Miltonberger, Butler Buchanan, 1897-1977 [RG3558]

Minick, Alice Ann (Lockwood), 1844-1939 [RG4042]

Minney, Doris Lucille, 1907-1989 [RG4010]

Mischke, John M., 1860-1943 [RG1243]

Misner, Ernest Raymond, 1883-1945 [RG1244]

Mitchell, Clarence E., 1891-1963 [RG3661]

Mitchell, James C., 1810-1860(?) [RG1547]

Mohler, George [RG0777]

Mollard, Marvin L., 1914-2000 [RG5501]

Montgomery, Robert Dallas “Roy,” 1877-1959 [RG5884] (PDF)

Moon-Russell Family [RG1901]

Moor, Emogene Heston, 1901-1989 [RG4053]

Moore Family [RG1826]

Moore, Francis Orin, 1923-1945 [RG1560]

Moore, Gardner, 1893-1987 [RG1641]

Moore, Paul, 1888-1974 [RG1282]

Moore, Philip Kearney [RG1247]

Moore, Robert Emmett, 1849-1921 [RG2267] (PDF)

Moorhouse, Alberta Anderson, 1924- [RG3918]

Morgan, A. [RG1589]

Morgan, Joy Elmer, 1889- [RG2872]

Morley, Grace MacGregor, 1892-1985 [RG1003]

Morley, Thomas, 1917-2002 [RG2270]

Morris Family (Seward, Neb.) [RG5074]

Morris, Olin E. and Evelyn (Mead) [RG5603]

Morse, Edith (Rapp), 1916-2000 [RG5531]

Morton, Julius Sterling, 1832-1902 [RG1013]

Morton, Julius Sterling, 1832-1902 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG1013]

Morton, Nancy Jane Fletcher, 1845-1912 [RG3467]

Moschenross, Joseph [RG5079]

Mott, Martha Ann Devoll, 1840-1903 [RG1554]

Muir, Robert Valentine, 1871-1926 [RG1903]

Mullins, Charles Love “Bud,” Jr., 1892-1976 [RG1311]

Mullins, Gifford D. [RG4161]

Munhall, Cornelius S., 1847-1938 [RG1250]

Munn, Eugene, 1836-1919 [RG0905]

Murdock, Charles M., 1843-1924 [RG1251]

Murphy Family [RG3570]

Murphy, Lawrence E., 1932-2012 [RG1252]

Mutz Family [RG1253]

Myers, Benjamin H., 1910-1996 [RG5961] (PDF)

Myers, Bessie Taylor, 1891- [RG2017]



Neihardt, John Gneisenau, 1881-1973 [RG1042]

Nelson, John, 1864-1942 [RG3542]

Nelson, Peter Bernard, 1853-1937 [RG1269]

Nesbit, Marguerite, 1891-? [RG2028]

Newmyer, George W., 1822-1894 [RG3284]

Newton, Francis E., 1839-1903 [RG4269]

Nichols, Adele (Nora Adele Austin Lefebvre), 1900-1979 [RG3763]

Nichols, Lenore (Thomas) [RG5787]

Nichols, Walker T. [RG2029]

Nider, Bernard Walter, 1924-2010 [RG3695]

Nielsen, Alan [RG5914] (PDF)

Nielsen, Niels Chris [RG3286]

Nissen, Peter Christian, 1834-1920 [RG5672]

Nootz, Christian G., 1855-1928 [RG1276]

Norman, Earl, 1926- [RG5742]

Norman, H.J.J (H.J. Jensen) [RG5492]

North, Frank Joshua, 1840-1885 [RG2321]

North, Luther Hedden, 1846-1935 [RG2322]

Norton, Charlotte “Lottie” (Gove), 1859-1936 [RG2323]

Novacek, Alfred T. [RG1615]

Noyes Family [RG5644]

Nuckolls Family [RG2325]

Nye, George Francis “Frank,” 1882-1959 [RG4529]



Oblinger, Uriah Wesley, 1842-1901 [RG1346] See American Memories for scans and transcripts of letters.

O’Connell, Frank Boyd, 1892-1971 [RG3686]

O’Donnell, Thomas, 1844-1935 [RG1284]

Olander, Carl Gustaf, 1882-1975 [RG1285]

Oldfield, Barney (Arthur Barney), 1909-2003 [RG3702]

Olsen, Gregg [RG6148]

Olson, Betty (Elizabeth Ann Hanson), 1929-1999 [RG5244]

Olson, Carl Alfred, 1858-1927 [RG4401]

Olson, Carl Wilhelm, 1905-1996 [RG5230]

Olson, James Clifton, 1917-2005 [RG1047]

Omaha Indians [RG1289]

Oral Histories of Farm Women – Nebraska [RG5428]

Orphan Train collection [RG5218]

Orr, Hiram Winnett, 1877-1956 [RG2348]

Overholser Family [RG2353] (PDF)



Packard, Nahum Luther, 1851-1943 [RG1293]

Page, Ray H., 1882-1933 [RG2801]

Paine, Bayard Henry, 1872-1955 [RG1294]

Paine, Clarence Sumner, 1868-1916 [RG3273]

Palmer, Arthur L., 1888-1974 [RG2031] (PDF)

Palmer, Chauncey Burton, 1879-1957 [RG4309]

Palmer, Harry O., 1886-1951 [RG2031] (PDF)

Palmer, Henry Emerson, 1841-1911 and Palmer, George H., 1871-1908 [RG3887]

Parkhurst, Ernest, 1885-1970 [RG3538]

Parmele, Helen “Nell” M. (O’Rourke), 1876- [RG1297]

Parsons, Grace Stenberg, 1893-1985 [RG1298]

Past, John Comly [RG2366]

Patterson, James Madison, 1836-1903 [RG3637]

Patterson, Joseph Diven, 1836-1903 [RG1310]

Patterson – Tisue Families (Keya Paha County, Neb.) [RG5617]

Pattison Family [RG1301]

Paul, Nicholas Jay, 1841-1921 [RG2961]

Paxson, Joseph Armitage, 1842-1888 [RG2962]

Payne, Robert Bruce, 1872-1937 [RG0761]

Payne, William, 1815-1887 [RG1303]

Peabody, James H., 1833-1906 [RG5247]

Peacock Family [RG2368]

Pearman, John Wallace, 1831-1896 [RG4329]

Pearson, D. Tillie [RG1984]

Pearson, Edward Pennington, 1837-1915 [RG1306]

Pease, David E. [RG1307]

Peet, Paulina C., 1851-1935 [RG0780]

Peirce, Henry A., 1829-1898 [RG4526]

Penney, Minnie Mae (Freeman), 1868-1943 [RG1031]

Pennington, George E., 1875-1960 [RG3475]

Percival, Judson, 1844-1924 [RG1295]

Perin Family [RG2376]

Perkin, Boyd, 1893-? [RG1487]

Perry, Ernest Bert, 1876-1962 [RG2377]

Pershing, John J., 1860-1948 [RG2378]

Persinger, Albert Benjamin, 1851-1932 [RG2379]

Peters, Helena (Hanson), 1905-2005 [RG5258]

Petersen, Max, 1876-1937 [RG3254]

Petersen, Peter S., 1861-1953 [RG4021]

Peterson, Erick John, 1857-1927 [RG3005]

Peterson, Harry W. “Pete,” 1923-2006 [RG1300]

Peterson, Val, 1903-1983 [RG2386]

Petri, Leo Henry, 1914-1998 [RG1657]

Phelps, Flora Lovisa (Gowey), 1867-1959 [RG5601]

Phelps, Horace Fletcher, 1882-1950 [RG1313]

Philbrick, Charles P., 1851-1929 [RG5579]

Philbrick, Inez Celia, 1866-1966 [RG1058]

Phillips, Charles N., 1843-1932 [RG4317]

Phillips, Laurie Ella (Kent), 1884-1969 [RG1314]

Phillipson Family (Franklin and Furnas Counties, Neb.) [RG5437]

Philpott, James E., 1839-1927 [RG5999] (PDF)

Pickering Family [RG3683]

Pierce, Charles Wilder, 1823?-1903 [RG2399]

Pierce, Dona M. (Stoker), 1887-1970 [RG3573]

Pierce, John L., 1853-1942 [RG4314]

Pierre Margry Translations Collection [RG5470]

Pike, Frederick, 1858-1932 [RG3575]

Pilcher Family [RG1352]

Pillsbury, William H.H., 1840-1895 [RG1316]

Pingree, Nettie M. (Cox), 1861-1892 [RG0916]

Piper Family [RG1120]

Piper, Kenneth and Edith [RG5893] (PDF)

Platt Family [RG0907]

Plummer, Harry L., 1862-1922 [RG1321]

Plummer, Henry Vinton, 1844-1905 [RG3430]

Plunkett, Horace Curzon, 1854-1932 [RG4242]

Polk, Orpheus L., 1896-1968 [RG1322]

Pollak, Oliver B. [RG6032]

Pollard, Isaac, 1830-1917 [RG4519]

Polock, William A., 1817-1882 [RG1323]

Pomeroy, Henry Martyn, 1830-1916 [RG3459]

Pool, Charles Wesley, 1856-1928 [RG2410]

Porter, James Ralston, 1828-1911 [RG1325]

Pound, Laura Biddlecomb, 1841-1928 [RG0910]

Pound, Louise, 1872-1958 [RG0912]

Pound, Olivia, 1874-1961 [RG0913]

Pound, Roscoe (Nathan Roscoe), 1870-1964 [RG0911]

Powell Family (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG5681]

Powell, Doane [RG5857]

Powell, William, 1843-1919 [RG1327]

Pratt, James Hervey, 1825-1910 [RG4328]

Preston, Minnie (Sumner), 1853-1941 [RG1328]

Prevey, Comodore E., 1872-1957 [RG3674]

Price, Sarah Jane, 1841-1922 [RG3660]

Price, William Buchanan, 1865-1935 [RG4336]

Priefert, Burdette William [RG1395]

Prinz, George Bernhard, 1864-1946 [RG1330]

Pryor, Britt, 1889-1958 [RG3612]

Pyeatte, Elmer Crozier, 1892-1954 [RG1333]



Raasch, August, 1842?-1922 [RG1312]

Radke, Franze C., 1890-1966 [RG2427]

Rall, J.C. [RG1347]

Ralston, Orville Alfred, 1894-1942 [RG2432]

Rapp, William F., 1918-2013 [RG1909]

Rasp, Frisby Leonard, 1872-1948 [RG4522]

Rathburn, Elizabeth Gaylord [RG1351]

Rauscher, George, 1867-1956 [RG1450]

Rawlings, Thomas, 1856-1944 [RG1348]

Raymond, Mary Elizabeth (Baird), 1855-1934 [RG1349]

Read, William Harvey [RG3917]

Reavis, Isham, 1836-1914 [RG3301]

Reckmeyer Family [RG4243]

Reckmeyer, Clarence [RG2441]

Red Cloud, James Henry, 1879-1960 [RG1355]

Reed, Shirley M. Wheeler [RG5555]

Reed, Wayne O., 1911-1974 [RG5086]

Reed, William A., 1859-1937 [RG1356]

Reilly, Robert [RG5620]

Reim, Gertrude Bessie Hennig, 1896-1984 [RG5521]

Rejcha, Frank, 1858-1932 [RG1362]

Reminiscence Collection [RG5111]

Remsburg, George J., 1871-1954 [RG3613]

Rendleman, Viola Vosburch (Cundiff), 1876-1942 [RG1358]

Renner, Frederick, 1830-1922 [RG3928]

Reynolds, Edgar C., 1833-1919 [RG2992]

Reynolds, Otera C., 1857-1911 [RG4521]

Rhoades, D.G. [RG5880] (PDF)

Rhodes, Albert, ca. 1835-? [RG1386]

Rice, Susan Ann Palmer Mason, 1845-1926 [RG5042]

Rice, William [RG4283]

Ricey, Olive Eleanor (Lindgren), 1919-2012 [RG5491]

Richards, Bartlett, 1862-1911 [RG2455]

Richards, John Thomas, 1937-2015 [RG5103]

Richards, William Alford, 1849-1912 [RG0720]

Richardson Family [RG4481]

Richmond, Russell F., 1901-1988 [RG5701]

Ricker, Eli Seavey, 1843-1936 [RG1227] (PDF)

Rickly, Frederick Augustus, 1890-1958 [RG1177]

Rickly, John, 1815-1889 [RG3049]

Riley, Jeanine Graff [RG6181]

Riley, Paul Davis, 1936-1981 [RG0949]

Ritchie, William, 1886-1956 [RG4402] (PDF)

Ritchie-Bird-Debuse Families [RG5967] (PDF)

Roberts, Artemas, 1841-1944 [RG5985] (PDF)

Roberts, James Gordon, 1909-1996 [RG1334]

Roberts, Paul Henley, 1891-1971 [RG3941]

Roberts, Walter F., 1894-1966 [RG1053]

Robertson Family [RG3092]

Robinson Family (Franklin County, Neb.) [RG5932] (PDF)

Robinson, Harry B., 1903-2001 [RG1448]

Robinson, James [RG5809] (PDF)

Robinson, Richard Earl [RG5418]

Roeser, Emil F., 1887-1982 [RG0950]

Rogers, Eliphus Hibbard, 1830-1881 [RG0740]

Rogers, Henry Clay, 1845-1928 [RG1335]

Rogers, Milton, 1822-1895 [RG6244]

Rohrke-Zutz Family (Hoskins, Neb.) [RG5330]

Rokahr Family [RG3584]

Roock, Carl, 1856-1928 [RG3393]

Roper, Hulda V. (Stahnke), 1907-2001 [RG5286]

Rosa, Joseph G., 1932-2015 [RG1338]

Rosenberg, Frank J., 1850-1946 [RG3968]

Roseneau, Ev. J. [RG5546]

Rosewater Family [RG3628]

Rosicky, Rose, 1875-1954 [RG4403]

Ross, Cleveland A., 1887-1973 [RG3692]

Ross, Jacob Gans, 1850-1932 [RG5611] (PDF)

Ross, James M., 1831-1908 [RG1343]

Rothleutner Family [RG1259]

Rousey Family [RG5022]

Rowen, Richard Dean, 1932-1963 [RG2641]

Rozanek, Elsa and Adolph [RG5524]

Ruff, Otto G., 1912-2007 [RG1344]

Ruly, Joel [RG1361]

Rushton-Cortelyou Families [RG5598]

Russell, Edwin M. [RG0749]

Rydberg, Per Axel, 1860-1931 [RG4465]



Sack Family (Germany; Eagle, Neb.) [RG5488]

Sadilek, Frank J., 1851-1933 [RG1363]

Sage, Byron, 1857-1937 [RG1364]

Sage-Fellows Families [RG0996]

Salisbury, Alonzo F. -1858 [RG3187]

Sanborn, John A., 1850-1942 [RG2495] (PDF)

Sanders, Samuel F., 1845-1926 [RG4421]

Sandoz, Mari Susette, 1896-1966 [RG1274]

Sands, Henry H., 1878-1953 [RG1367]

Sapp, Effie Irene [RG5646]

Sargent, Charles Henry, 1844-1912 [RG4534]

Savage, James Woodruff, 1826-1890 [RG1369]

Sawyer, Andrew J., 1844-1924 [RG2511] (PDF)

Schaefer Family (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5535]

Schneider, Rudolph B., 1853-1913 [RG3666]

Schormann, August A. [RG5098]

Schultz, Oscar Edwin, 1898-1969 [RG3669]

Schutz, Wesley W., 1902-1989 [RG5688]

Schwader, Maria Rickli Flückiger, 1841-1917 [RG1650]

Schwarz, Johannes, 1818-1895 [RG1372]

Schwind, William Frederick, 1865-1940 [RG2524]

Scofield, Lenette (Green), 1893-1979 [RG5990] (PDF)

Scott, Charles Anderson, 1875-1961 [RG1563]

Scott, Esther Ruth, 1895- [RG1305]

Scott, John, 1836-1901 [RG4460]

Scott, Lynn H., 1900-1998 [RG1373]

Scott, P.W. (Purlee W.), 1860-1933 [RG4461]

Scott, Robert Douglas, 1878-1968 [RG3565]

Scoville, C.H. [RG0908]

Scrimsher, Lila Gravatt, 1898-1974 [RG3718]

Seacrest Nebraska Settlement Collection [RG5497]

Searle, Charles H. [RG4433]

Senning, John Peter, 1884-1954 [RG2006] (PDF)

Seymour, Alfred P., 1860-1903 [RG3595]

Seymour, Horace Sumner, 1890-1984 [RG3720]

Seymour, Richard [RG0900]

Seymour, William Thomas, 1852- [RG3959]

Shaffer, George W. [RG4258]

Shannon, Rachel (Lawton), 1865-1930 [RG1406]

Sharp-Bockhoven Family [RG4998]

Shaw, Ora James, 1882-1981 [RG6224]

Shaw-Gale-Noxon Family (Gage, Clay & Seward Counties, Neb.) [RG4477]

Sheldon Family [RG2038]

Sheldon, Addison Erwin, 1861-1943 [RG2039] (PDF)

Sheldon, Charles Clarence, 1871-1964 [RG3704]

Sheldon, Martha (Martha Hermine Jansen), 1903-1994 [RG5243]

Shelley, Ambrose S., 1843-1930 [RG2538]

Shelton, Samuel C., 1829- [RG1379]

Shepherd, Frederick, 1864-1953 [RG3527]

Sheppard, D.S. [RG1184]

Sherrill, Elaine [RG1919]

Shields, Zora Inez, 1879-1969 [RG3566]

Shimmin, Harry and Muirl (Dorrough) [RG5643]

Shine, Michael Allen, 1868-1927 [RG3626]

Show, Arley Barthlow, 1856-1938 [RG4371] (PDF)

Shumway, Grant Lee, 1865-1925 [RG1381]

Shunatona, Richard W., 1876-ca. 1924 [RG1382]

Sias, Ernest J., 1877-1955 [RG1108]

Sidner Family [RG2771]

Silvernail, Lillie Day, 1867-1951 [RG5889]

Sim Family (Camp Creek, Neb.) [RG3435]

Simmons, Charles Sheldon, 1887-1975 [RG1383]

Simmons, Lorenzo Albert, 1857-1937 [RG1281]

Simmons, Robert Glenmore, 1891-1969 [RG3642]

Sims Family (Friend, Neb.) [RG5576]

Sjogren, Eunice Lorene, 1917- [RG5956] (PDF)

Skinner, Adelaide Jewett, 1852-1893 [RG1384]

Skinner, Jasper D. [RG4910]

Skocpol, William J. [RG6081]

Skupa-Zezulak Family (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5543]

Slama, Lewis, 1873-1958 [RG1402]

Slepicka Family [RG5957]

Smith, Arthur L., Sr. and Smith, Arthur L., Jr. [RG4684]

Smith, Bess Foster, 1887-1988 [RG1409]

Smith, Charles Richard, 1840-1923 [RG2033]

Smith, George Fillmore, 1856-1933 [RG1412]

Smith, George J., 1867-1899 [RG3861]

Smith, George Oscar, 1852-1957 [RG1413]

Smith, Hazel L. (Hazel Armene Lambert), 1901-2002 [RG5450]

Smith, Hiram Leslie, 1828-1921 [RG3916]

Smith, John R., 1870-1958 [RG6253]

Smith, Leander B., 1846-1922 [RG1414]

Smith, Lewis Worthington, 1867-1947 [RG1415]

Smith, Malcolm S. [RG5796] (PDF)

Smith, Richard B., 1830- [RG1416]

Smith, Seymour [RG5659]

Smith, Thurman Amon, 1877-1956 [RG1360]

Smith, White Cloud, 1879-1975 [RG4248]

Smith, William D., 1875-1898 [RG1417]

Snyder, Joshua Martin, 1825-1904 [RG1419]

Socolofsky, Homer E., 1922- [RG1540]

Solheim, Selmer A., 1912-1979 [RG3927]

Sommer, Albert J., 1910- [RG1649]

Sorensen Family (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG6026] (PDF)

Souder, Harvey Sylvester, 1868-1951 [RG4532]

Soulier, Myrtle M. (Taake), 1907-2003 [RG5240]

Southwick, Linus E. [RG5076]

Sparrow, Leslie E., 1871-1951 [RG1424]

Speece, Walter C., 1914-2002 [RG6238]

Spence, Karl [RG5641] (PDF)

Spencer, Guy R., 1878-1945 [RG1503]

Spicer, John R., 1858-1950 [RG1425]

Splichal, Lumir, 1897-1985 [RG1426]

Springer Family (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5615]

Spurlock-Shrimpton Family [RG3706]

Staack-Ehmen Family [RG4198] (PDF)

Stabler, Eunice Woodhull (La-Ta-We-Sah), 1885-1963 [RG2585] (PDF)

Stabler, Hollis D. (Hollis Dawes), 1949- [RG5511]

Stabler, Hollis D. (Hollis Dorian), 1918- [RG5474]

Stackhouse, Charles, 1827-1909 [RG1428]

Stafford, Floyd Weston, 1886-1976 [RG3896]

Stafford, Silas M., 1853- [RG5316]

Standing Bear (Ponca Chief), ca. 1834-1908 [RG1429]

Starkweather, Charles Raymond, 1938-1959 [RG3423]

Stastny, Olga Frances (Sadilek), 1878-1952 [RG2588] (PDF)

Stearns, Orison E., 1843-1921 [RG1430]

Stebbins, Hazel (Struble), 1909-1983 [RG6208]

Steen Family (Wahoo, Neb.) [RG5496]

Stella [RG3440]

Stephens Family [RG0769]

Sterling, Charles R. “Joe,” 1939-2002 [RG5544]

Sterns, Frederick Henderson, 1888?-1951 [RG5091]

Stevens, Douglas H. [RG1434]

Stevens, Doris, 1892-1963 [RG3740]

Stevens, Zenas, 1853-1920 [RG4046]

Stewart Family [RG1573]

Stewart, Aaron [RG1435]

Stewart, Isabelle Simmons, 1854-1931 [RG1436]

Stewart, Linus G., 1840-1923 [RG1410]

Stibal Family [RG1604]

Stitt, James C., 1866-1949 [RG6034]

Stocker, John Edward, 1924-2006 [RG0767]

Stocking, George Lane, 1896-1931 [RG4190]

Stocking, Moses, 1813-1881 [RG1439]

Stoddard Family [RG4036]

Stoddard, Robert [RG5906] (PDF)

Stolley, William, 1831-1911 [RG2617]

Stone, Melville W., 1837-1913 [RG4346]

Stoner, W.H. [RG1440]

Story, Carroll J., 1920-2011 [RG3898]

Story, Charles Augustus, 1842-1888 [RG3010]

Stotsenburg, John Miller, 1858-1899 [RG1421]

Stouffer, Benjamin Ryder, 1844-1923 [RG1398]

Straley, Frederique Caroline (Stenger) Baker, 1892-1986 [RG5260]

Stransky, Leonard J. “Trixe,” 1911-1998 [RG5234]

Stratton, Zaccheus, 1824-1893 [RG1442]

Strickland, Silas Allen, 1830-1878 [RG4533]

Strong Family [RG1472]

Strong, Charles [RG4093]

Strong, William Duncan, 1899-1962 [RG4985]

Struble-Prouty-Riley-Rease-Lamb-Lovell and Associated Families [RG5709] (PDF)

Stuber, Donald L., 1918-2007 [RG5700]

Stull, John Smith, 1842-1910 [RG4029]

Styskal, Edward Evans, 1898-1980 [RG1444]

Summers Family [RG4206]

Sutton, E.S. (Everette Samson), 1893-1987 [RG1446]

Sutton, John Patrick, 1845-1934 [RG1449]

Svoboda, Charles Vincent, 1859-1953 [RG1245]

Sweeney, William Vandervoort, 1829-1920 [RG1454]

Sweitzer, Nelson Bowman, 1869- [RG1397]

Sydenham, Moses Henry, 1835-1907 [RG1455]

Sydow, Frederick W., 1913-1985 [RG5706]

Syford Family [RG0797]



Tanner, Richard Jerome, 1869-1943 [RG1345]

Tappan, William Henry, 1821-1907 [RG5326]

Taylor, Desley Lee, 1910-1975 [RG3964]

Taylor, Elisha, 1851-1944 [RG1447]

Taylor, Lucy (Novotny) Husak, 1886-1968 [RG6145]

Taylor, Oliver Hazard, 1836-1902 [RG5058]

Taylor, Robert, 1911-1964 [RG1216]

Taylor, William George Langworthy, 1859-1941 [RG2714]

Teal, Frederick F., 1874-1968 [RG2716]

Teeters, John Lewis, 1861-1946 [RG3631]

Tennant, Zora Mabel, 1892-1986 [RG5960] (PDF)

Te Selle, Delmar R. [RG1393]

Thoene, Richard Carl, 1918-2005 [RG5220]

Thomas, David S., 1834-1917 [RG5331]

Thomas, Edward W., 1830-1897 [RG1459]

Thomas, James W., 1840-1916 [RG1460]

Thomas, Mary A. (Reddish) Holbrook, 1835-1926 [RG1461]

Thompson, George B., 1868-1956 [RG1463]

Thompson, John Morrison, 1865-1938 [RG1791]

Thompson, T.G. [RG5115]

Thomsen, Arthur Christian, 1886-1970 [RG4063]

Thomsen, Eloise, 1917-2014 [RG5218]

Thorngate Family [RG5150]

Thorpe, Harry S., 1877-1963 [RG1465]

Thorpe, Laura E. Thomas, 1856- [RG5105]

Throop, Ellen M. (Johnson), 1843-1927 [RG4342]

Tibbles Family [RG2737]

Tilley, Don, 1934- [RG6154]

Timmel, Ferdinand P., 1844-1922 [RG5669]

Tinney, John G., 1858-1927 [RG3757]

Torgerson, Ole Enock, 1820?-1901 [RG1466]

Toulouse, Laura Belle (Cauger), 1875-1940 [RG1476]

Tout, Wilson (Allen Wilson), 1876-1951 [RG5117]

Towl, Roy Nathan, 1881-1974 [RG1477]

Towne, Solon Rodney, 1846-1932 [RG4311]

Trail, Sadie Belle (Smith), 1873-1942 [RG3738]

Traviss, Patrick N., 1869-1939 [RG3401]

Trester, Milton Lawrence, 1843-1903 [RG1468]

Tripp, Harry LaForest, 1891-1960 [RG1955]

Trombla, Charles Harold, 1905-1983 [RG2036]

Troutman, Henry Allen [RG4162]

True, Theodore E., 1842-1925 [RG4525]

Tunnicliff, George Thomas, 1886-1962 [RG3772]

Turbyfill, Joseph Manson, 1891-1933 [RG1235]

Turman, Zenas B., 1819-1896 [RG1982]

Turner, Charles M., 1869-1957 [RG1478]

Turner, Homer [RG1548]

Turner, Martha Margaret, 1868-1946 [RG0762]

Turner, Samuel Fredrick, 1848-1923 [RG4205]

Tuttle, Samuel Johnson, 1845-1927 [RG1871]

Twamley, Ezra C., 1877-1962 [RG4382]



Ugai, Richi [RG5979] (PDF)

Ulmer, Laura M. (White), 1896-1974 [RG4358]

Umland, Rudolph E., 1907-1993 [RG1599]

Usher, Irene F. [RG5575]



Van Horne, George H., 1854- [RG3629]

Van Neste, Charles Elmore, 1855-1913 [RG4192]

Vance, David A., 1843-1882 [RG3815]

Vance, Laura Roper Soper, 1848-1930 [RG1507]

Vance, Nellie Mae (Schlee), 1879-1966 [RG6027]

Varney, Charles B., 1916-2008 [RG1541]

Varney, Ralph, 1875-1945 [RG0711]

Vaughn, Larry E. (Lawrence Edward), 1922-2012 [RG5178]

Veeder, Herman, 1830-1895 [RG6185]

Veith, Henry, 1846-1924 [RG3610]

Venneman, Otto K., 1899-1964 [RG1489]

Venters, George, 1844-1931 [RG1490]

Verges, A. Ferdinand, 1833-1900 [RG4440]

Vertical Files [RG5000]

Vesely-Kuncl Families [RG5978] (PDF)

Vifquain, Victor (Jean-Baptiste Victor), 1836-1904 [RG4467]

Vig, Peter Sorensen, 1854-1929 [RG1048]

Vivian, Martin, 1806-1890 [RG0807]

Voegler, Douglas Gene, 1950- [RG3934]

Vold, Margaret Anna (Bryan) [RG3157]

Vore, Anna L., 1877-1969 [RG4167]

Vore, Jacob, 1808-1901 [RG1983]

Vosburgh, Clyde [RG4445]



Wadlow, Irene (Irene Fae Hall), 1922-2001 [RG5453]

Wager, Queen Victoria Wilkinson, 1890-1976 [RG1403]

Wagner, J. Peter (Johann Peter), 1894- [RG5228]

Wagoner Family [RG5512]

Wakefield, John A., 1851- [RG3939]

Wald, Kenneth [RG1500]

Walden, Ettrick Forest, 1857-1957 [RG1501]

Waldo, Willard H., 1912-2010 [RG4181]

Waldron, Bertha Ann, 1877-1973 [RG3749]

Walker, George Heman, 1881-1960 [RG1700]

Wallace, William H. [RG5879] (PDF)

Walrath, Duane Everett, 1893-1968 [RG3572]

Walter, Cecil [RG6088]

Walton, John Edward, 1857- [RG1502]

Ware, Eugene F., 1841-1911 [RG2927]

Warner, Joel, 1838-1925 [RG1504]

Warren, Gouverneur Kemble, 1830-1882 [RG3944]

Watkins, Albert, 1848-1923 [RG1052]

Watson, B. Frank (Benjamin Franklin), 1899-1993 [RG3689]

Watson, Mary Jane (Warner), 1860-1958 [RG0757]

Watson, William W., 1844- [RG1505]

Wattles, Gurdon Wallace, 1855-1932 [RG1506]

Waugh, Samuel Clark, 1890-1970 [RG1537]

Weakly, Harry Elmer, 1899-1974 [RG3955]

Weakly, Ward Frederick, 1938-1985 [RG4249]

Weaver, Jay, 1877-1961 [RG3961]

Weber Family [RG4105]

Weber, Kappie (Audrey) [RG1790] (PDF)

Webster, Gertrude Emma (Kretzschmar), 1888-1983 [RG1511]

Weddel Family [RG1079]

Weese-Sargent Family [RG5110]

Wehn Family [RG4365]

Weidman, Mary Louise Gunzel, 1891-1966 [RG4428]

Weigand, Phil C., 1937-2011 [RG5456]

Weiler, Toni (Mary Antoinette), 1911-1996 [RG0839]

Weisenreder, Edward, 1835-1917 [RG0717]

Wekesser Residence (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4216]

Welch, Lloyd Edgar, 1907-1957 [RG4156]

Welsch, Olive Cornelia Brayton, 1907-1997 [RG5654]

Welsch, Roger [RG3691]

Welsh, Fred V., 1889-1973 [RG5333]

Wentz, Elizabeth Lemen, 1869-1956 [RG1059]

Wentz, Harry Maurice, 1892-1983 [RG3732]

Werkmeister, William Henry, 1901-1993 [RG4360]

Wernimont Family [RG5789]

Westcott, Doris [RG5241]

Wharton, Clifton, -1847 [RG4463]

Wheeler Family (Hastings, Nebraska) [RG5217]

Wheeler, Daniel H., 1834-1912 [RG4424]

Wheeler, George R., 1838-1880 [RG3541]

Wheeler, Hiland Hill, 1845-1928 [RG1515]

Wheeler, Lola Tod [RG5621]

Wheeler, Nellie Zetta (Thompson), 1914-1994 [RG5614]

Wheeler, Wayne [RG5494]

Whisenand, Margaret Eleanor (Long), 1893-1968 [RG2814]

White, Barclay, 1821-1906 [RG4002]

White, George Connor, 1868-1943 [RG4147]

White, Paul [RG2817]

Whitmore, William Gunn, 1849-1931 [RG3742]

Wickham, John F. [RG3564]

Widvey, P. Anton, 1849-1932 [RG1516]

Wiese, Jasper Herman, 1870-1936 [RG5854]

Wiese, Keith I. and Florentine [RG2037]

Wilcox, Edson A., 1900-1975 [RG3429]

Wilcox, Nathan W. [RG1519]

Wildy, Clinton D., 1890-1985 [RG1521]

Wilhelm, Bert Eugene, 1926- [RG5993] (PDF)

Wilkie, Frances Mary (Schepp), 1904-1986 [RG6142]

Williams Family [RG4112]

Williams, Charles E. [RG2821]

Williams, Clyde and Ella [RG1692] (PDF)

Williams, Frank L., Family [RG5806] (PDF)

Williams, Fred Cowgill, 1879-1952 [RG2823]

Williams, George Arthur, 1864-1946 [RG3759]

Williams, Hattie Plum, -1963 [RG1872]

Williams, John B., 1862-1950 [RG5704]

Williams, Nettie Leona, 1882-1959 [RG3615]

Williams, Thomas Frederick Arthur, 1871-1969 [RG2824]

Williams, Velda Vearl (Russnogle), 1905-2004 [RG1905] (PDF)

Williamson, John William, 1850-1927 [RG2710]

Wilson, Andrew G., 1861-1922 [RG1525]

Wilson, Charles Henry, 1835-1890 [RG1571]

Wilson, Everett Pitt, 1868-1956 [RG1063]

Wilson, Howard Stebbins, 1894-1958 [RG1572]

Wilson, James Calmar, 1901- [RG1526]

Wilson, John, 1827-1901 [RG0856]

Wilson, Ralph C. [RG3619]

Wilson, William Culver, 1860-1937 [RG0723]

Wiltse, Jerome, 1835-1924 [RG4453]

Winne, Caroline Frey, 1841-1922 [RG4377]

Winnett, Hudson Josiah, 1846-1918 [RG4297]

Winslow, George, 1823-1849 [RG2830]

Withee, Francis [RG4561]

Wolf, Friederich Wilhelm, 1830-1914 [RG5201]

Wolff, William “Billy,” 1896-1977 [RG1586]

Wood, Allie (Tait) Fisher, 1867-1956 [RG2023] (PDF)

Wood, Ben B., 1843-1904 [RG4301]

Wood, Charles Emerson, 1868-1967 [RG1588]

Woods Family (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5408] (PDF)

Woods, Dean A., 1910?-1944 [RG5197]

Woods, Frederick Moffatt, 1844-1928 [RG1591]

Woods, James Mumford, 1844-1919 [RG1616]

Woods, William Henry, 1839-1927 [RG1074]

Woodward, A.G. [RG1531]

Woodworth, Nathan I., 1824-1901 [RG1532]

Wooster, Charles, 1843-1922 [RG2622]

Workman, John Butler, 1815-1895 [RG1695]

World War II Reminiscence Collection [RG5100]

Wright, Elizabeth, 1888-1983 [RG3548]

Wright, Thomas W. [RG1578]

Wright-Barnes House (McCook, Neb.) [RG1533]

Wuerth, John F. [RG1534]

Wupper, Katherine (Groeteke), 1891-1918 [RG6270]

Wuthier, Louis Aime, 1905-2008 [RG5411]

Wyland, Benjamin Franklin, 1882-1986 [RG4004]



Yarton, Edward, 1843-1908 [RG3446]

Yates, Henry Whitefield, 1837-1915 [RG2854]

Yates-Gwyer-Glass-Schlossberg Families [RG1607]

Yost, Gladys Alice (Carpenter), 1899-1993 [RG4884] (PDF)

Yost, Nellie Snyder, 1905-1992 [RG1603]

Young Family (Gage County, Neb.) [RG1536]

Young, James K., 1848-1916 [RG1997]

Youngman, Lawrence W., 1905-2003 [RG1720] (PDF)



Zahn, William Presley, 1849-1936 [RG3130]

Zajicek, Leonard J. (Len), 1927-1998 [RG0799]

Zanuck, Darryl Francis, 1902-1979 [RG5347]

Zediker, James Ford, 1842-1930 [RG1567]

Zehrung, Frank Connell, 1864-1942 [RG1538]

Zeller, Julius Christian, 1871-1938 [RG5446]

Zerbe, Alice Elizabeth (Bixby) [RG5759] (PDF)

Zika, Richard J., 1924-2005 [RG1699]

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