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History Nebraska publishes works that explore Nebraska history and culture. Our readers range from professional historians to history buffs to curious people who simply find that learning about the past helps them better enjoy living and traveling here. We all share a passion for well-crafted historical writing.

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Fourth of July Fireworks, 1887

"Those storekeepers who cater to the wants of the small boy are beginning to decorate their show windows with fireworks," observed the June 14, 1887, issue of ...

Fourth of July at Tecumseh, 1883

Independence Day activities were reported by the July 7, 1883, Tecumseh Chieftain: "We didn't celebrate very profusely, but still all had a comfortable, quiet, pleasant ...

Fourth of July at Pawnee City, 1872

The Fourth of July has traditionally been the occasion for patriotic oratory. However, the residents of Pawnee City were unpleasantly surprised by a speech delivered at ...

Fourth of July

From Alfred T. Andreas, History of the State of Nebraska (1882). Isham Reavis (1836-1914), pioneer lawyer, judge, and longtime resident of Falls City, began writing his ...

Fourth of July at Epworth Park

Independence Day celebrations one hundred years ago were often boisterous, noisy affairs. However, the Nebraska State Journal of July 5, 1907, reported a "celebration ...

Fourth of July at Capitol Beach

Capitol Beach, a once popular recreation area near Lincoln, was the scene of memorable Independence Day celebrations, which featured a wide range of activities besides ...

A Kids’ View of Fourth of July in Beaver City, 1897

Firing a cannon at a Fourth of July celebration in Brownville, Nebraska, in the early 1900s. History Nebraska RG3190-23a Two boys in Beaver City published their own ...


Nebraska has an almost uninterrupted fossil record of the past thirty-five million years, roughly half the time since dinosaurs became extinct. Fossilized remains of ...

Fort Robinson Hop

The frontier post of Fort Robinson was the scene of frequent dances and parties. The following account of an 1883 "hop" was published in the Omaha Bee: "Fort Robinson, ...

Fort Niobrara

In 1883 the Nebraska Mutual Aid Colony of Bradford, Pennsylvania, was organized to found a settlement in Nebraska. The Fulton family of Bradford were members of the ...

Fort Kearny, 1871

Fort Kearny, Nebraska, ceased to be an active military post in 1871. Two years later, as the fort was about to be dismantled, the Adams County Gazette of Juniata ...

Fort Kearny, 1860

Henry E. Palmer visited Fort Kearny in 1860 while on his way to Pike's Peak with James A. Maxwell's party. The group started from Omaha, crossed the Platte at Shinn's ...

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