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History Nebraska publishes works that explore Nebraska history and culture. Our readers range from professional historians to history buffs to curious people who simply find that learning about the past helps them better enjoy living and traveling here. We all share a passion for well-crafted historical writing.

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An April Fool Lie

Readers of the Omaha Daily Bee on April 2, 1885, must have been astounded to learn of the sighting of a gigantic serpent in the Missouri River near Omaha. The Bee's ...

Society Fads and Fancies

A newspaper's "society page" once covered the community's social news, listing not only the attendees at local club meetings, parties, and other gatherings, but ...

Snowbound — The Blizzards of 1948-49

The winter of 1948-49 brought Nebraskans the most prolonged battle with the elements in the state's history. Harl A. Dalstrom's "I'm Never Going to Be Snowbound Again," ...

Anti-smoking Law of 1905

Lincoln and Omaha currently prohibit smoking in most public establishments and eating places, and in April 2005 a statewide tobacco ban similar to the Lincoln city ...


"The passengers snowbound on the Missouri Pacific train between Eagle and Elmwood were released late Friday, but not through the clearing of the track," said the Lincoln ...

Anthony, Susan B., in Grand Island

Nebraska lawyer Othman Abbott and his wife, early settlers in Grand Island, shared an interest in women's rights. In his Recollections of a Pioneer Lawyer, published by ...

Snake Folklore from Louise Pound

      Louise Pound (1872-1958) excelled in many fields of endeavor, including education, writing, and sports. She is also remembered as an authority on Nebraska ...

Annin, William E.

William Edwards Annin was a journalist closely associated with Nebraska from 1879, when he joined the staff of the Omaha Bee as associate editor, to 1899, when he left ...

Smokers on the Campus

Tobacco has long been attacked by reformers and medical authorities for the damage it does to human health. The contemporary push for a smoke-free environment in ...


Smallpox today has been almost eradicated worldwide. Yet only seventy-five years ago the disease made its appearance at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and ...

An 1897 Election Romance

The political contest for the job as Burt County superintendent of schools in 1897 was an unusual one, which fostered what the Omaha Daily Bee on November 17, 1897, ...

Skirting the Skirmishes

During the fall of 1864, as response in part to attacks by Colorado militia and in part due to disruptions caused by white incursions into tribal lands, bands of Oglala, ...

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