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History Nebraska publishes works that explore Nebraska history and culture. Our readers range from professional historians to history buffs to curious people who simply find that learning about the past helps them better enjoy living and traveling here. We all share a passion for well-crafted historical writing.

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Horse Heaven

Dr. Enos Lowe (1804-80) was one of Omaha's pioneer settlers, who helped lay out the city in 1853 and served as its first mayor. Historian A. T. Andreas said of Lowe: ...

Horner, Charles F.

Charles F. Horner came to Nebraska from Wisconsin in 1886 at the age of eight. He graduated from high school in Lexington in 1894 and later bought and sold land and ...

Homan J. Walsh and the Kite that Helped Build a Bridge

When Homan J. Walsh died in Lincoln on March 8, 1899, local newspapers noted that he had been a thirty-year resident of the city, a real estate businessman, officer of ...

Speed Holman’s Air Race Crash, 1931

Charles “Speed” Holman’s fatal crash at the Omaha Air Races, May 17, 1931. NSHS RG3882-567 ​ Aviator Charles “Speed” Holman, of Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis/St. ...

Hollins in the Black Hills

William G. Hollins saw Civil War service in the First Nebraska Infantry, resigning his commission on April 26, 1862. In 1870 he served as city marshal of Omaha. A ...

Hollingworth, Leta

Leta Stetter Hollingworth, born and educated in Nebraska, was a well-known New York psychologist during the early years of the twentieth century. She is best remembered ...

William C. Holden, Nebraska Newspaperman

William C. Holden (1842-1901), remembered as one of Nebraska's most aggressive and colorful newspapermen, was associated with papers in Harlan County and in Kearney and ...

Hobo Harvest Hands

Traveling harvest crews have long been part of Nebraska's agricultural scene. But the ways of these itinerant workers change with the times, as this l925 account ...

The Hoarding Hermits

Nebraska's history is littered with financial panics and disasters. Some Nebraskans weathered these crises, scraped together what fiduciary resources they had left, and ...

Historical Marker

On May 26, 1885, four families of Bohemian emigrants traveling in three covered wagons drawn by ox teams, camped in Richmond Canyon between Bartley and Cambridge. About ...

Highways, Named

There were twenty-five or so "name" highways in Nebraska and on its periphery when the highway map first made its appearance. By 1924 Nebraska had instituted a series of ...

Hickman Gets the Fair

August and September are traditional months for county fairs in Nebraska, frequently-but not always-held in a county seat town. The Hickman Enterprise in the spring of ...

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