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History Nebraska publishes works that explore Nebraska history and culture. Our readers range from professional historians to history buffs to curious people who simply find that learning about the past helps them better enjoy living and traveling here. We all share a passion for well-crafted historical writing.

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Finch, John B.

John B. Finch (1852-87) was a nationally known temperance worker and lecturer who spent many of his productive years in Nebraska. He introduced the Red Ribbon reform ...

Films from Nebraska at the St. Louis World’s Fair

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904 celebrated the centennial of the historic land purchase by the U.S. from France in 1803.(The bicentennial of the event is ...

FDR’s Visit

In this election year, Nebraska has been host to the President, the Vice-president, and a multitude of other national political figures. The campaigners have been ...

Fashion Along the Overland Trail

There was, of course, no standard emigrant costume for crossing the Plains, as Merrill Mattes points out in his Great Platte River Road, but the prevailing styles may be ...

Fashion and Golf, 1901

The conflicting demands of sports and fashion have vexed Nebraska women at least since the days of the bicycle craze in the 1890s. The Omaha Daily News of February 3, ...

The Farming Soldiers

In the summer of 1819, Colonel Henry Atkinson led about 1100 soldiers up the Missouri River. Their mission: to establish a chain of military posts to keep English fur ...

Drinking and Shooting on the 1875 Farmers’ Excursion

It’s become a cliché that business trips to distant cities can become opportunities for behavior of the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” variety. This was also ...

The Farmer Invasion

As autumn and the 1990 elections approach, political parties and special interest groups are vigorously campaigning for their candidates and causes. One hundred years ...

Fairmont Foods

The Fairmont Creamery Company was incorporated March 29, 1884, in Fairmont, Fillmore County. The company was founded for the production and sale of butter, eggs, and ...

Fair Charmer

Readers of the Omaha World-Herald on June 25, 1894, were entertained with details of the past exploits of a woman identified as Evelyn Nims, "the fair charmer who dealt ...

The Fading Horse

The rise of the automobile and the corresponding decline of the horse was well underway by 1909, especially in urban areas. The Omaha Daily News of August 22, 1909, ...

Excursion to Lincoln, 1868

In the spring of 1868 a small group of Kansans traveled north to the new city of Lincoln, designated the Nebraska state capital only the year before. The Enterprise of ...

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